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New Features: Instrument Library and Track Assignment in Liquid Notes

Starting with version 1.3, Liquid Notes offers built-in synthesizers for sequencer-independent operation. With the latest update, it is now also possible to freely assign instruments to the different MIDI tracks in the arrangement and save them.

Liquid Notes, the intelligent music composition assistant, has added yet another feature: its own library of instruments and a track assignment editor. The library includes a satisfying amount of basic instruments, ranging from percussion to bass, leads, pads, mallets, classical instruments, and a variety of other sounds.

This addition comes in very handy when composing without the ability or desire to connect to a sequencer. It makes standalone operation of Liquid Notes more comfortable and flexible.

Purpose and advantages of the instrument library:

  • You are on the go and need to quickly improve your composition/production with Liquid Notes.
  • You don't use sequencers but you still want to work on music.
  • You are not able to connect to your hard drive which contains your sequencer's sound and instrument library.
  • You don't have the time or desire to open your sequencer to work on your composition.

How the instrument assignment works:

Assigning the tracks of your composition/production to your desired instruments is a piece of cake. After the import of a MIDI file into Liquid Notes, simply open the Routing Panel and assign each track to its own Out Channel (1, 2, 3, …) and to the instrument of your choice. Tracks with the same Out Channel number are linked to the same choice of instrument.

Note: Track number 10 is always reserved for the percussion track. If you assign a track to Out Channel 10, its instrument will automatically be changed to percussion, and vice versa: percussion to tonal instruments.

Another cool fact: When exporting your piece as a MIDI file, the exported MIDI file contains and saves your choice of instruments.

Please watch the video to see the instrument assignment feature in action!

With the latest upgrade, Liquid Notes has made yet another step towards complete independence from sequencers.

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