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Installation directory of VST/AU plug-ins for Windows users

With the addition of an installer in version 1.1 of I2C8 (chord generator) and Spexx (spectral effect), a minor change has been made to the default installation path on Windows machines.

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Standard installation paths for plug-ins on Windows

Unfortunately, albeit the specification of Steinberg (developer of the VST and VST3 standard) for use of standard installation paths for VST plug-ins, this has widely not been adhered to by the industry on Windows machines. Consequently, there is a high number of possible locations for plug-in installation, including custom installation paths by the user.

For those of you interested in the technical discussion faced by plug-in developers, here is a good summary which covers everything you need to know.

Hence, we have done our best to accommodate for the knowledge presented there and create an installation wizard that does its utmost to detect if any custom installation path is present. Nevertheless, it requires your help when running the installation wizard - that is, check for the installation path presented and correct it if needed. For example, when the plug-in search path in your host application is set to a different path.

You may need to consult the manual of your host application for further details.

Plug-in installation by the installer wizard is done on a system-wide level for all users.

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