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Making Things Better: Improvements to the music production workflow of Liquid Notes

Making Liquid Notes available for offline use on your desktop was just the first step in a series of updates we have in the pipeline for our software. We want to make our music production software as easy and smooth to work with as possible when recording or editing, and foster its educational value!

There is many of you who reported the music production workflow being an issue with Liquid Notes. Today we bring you an update that provides more comfort in your workflow and improves the overall performance of it.

Improvements to the music production workflow

To that end, we have packed some very useful elements into Version 1.2.1 of Liquid Notes:

A succession of (mostly short) identical chords can now be merged into one chord box to be manipulated by only one controller for all combined chords. To activate this function a checkbox in the wizard can be selected ("Merge identical chords").

New Liquid Notes demo music files

We offer new and very simple demo music files musically derived from the earlier ones to get started with our music software Liquid Notes more effortlessly.

Routing for the 10-track demo was quite a challenge. With the new 3-track demos and a detailed description, taking the first steps with Liquid Notes and learning how to go about the routing process has become simple.

Please refer to the ReadMe files that come with the demo music files before working with them. You can access the demo music files via the welcome screen in Liquid Notes, or alternatively find them in the support section of our website.

Product feedback and download

Improving Liquid Notes is our utmost goal - that’s why your feedback is very valuable, and we'd like to say a big thanks to all those who left us a comment or two.

Version 1.2.1 of Liquid Notes is available for download now. Get started with it today!

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