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Imprint for Re-Compose Website

Here you can find information about the page owner and media production for the Recompose website.

Re-Compose GmbH
Laudongasse 47/41, 1080 Vienna, Austria


Various information about Re-Compose GmbH:

Company name: Re-Compose GmbH

Legal form: Limited liability company

Nature and purpose of the business: Development of unique methods and innovative technology for music production and optimal music experience, and sales of software

Principal office: Laudongasse 47/41, 1080 Vienna, Austria

Commercial registration number: FN 315741a

Commercial register: Handelsgericht Wien (Vienna)

Chief executive: Stefan M. Oertl

VAT Identification Number: ATU64513324

Regulatory authority: Municipality of Vienna

Member of the Chamber of Commerce of: Wien (Vienna)

Business group: Software development and sales of software