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Import a MIDI arrangement into Liquid Notes and have all chords identified

Today we are starting a series of posts with information about different features of Liquid Notes. Its aim is to tell users more about what they can do with our intelligent MIDI composing assistant, so they get the most out of it.

As a first feature in this series, we're looking at Liquid Notes' ability to identify chords.

Chord identification in MIDI arrangements with Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes is based on a sophisticated harmonic analysis that is able to read and interpret a single- or -multi-track MIDI arrangement like an expert does. As such, all musical elements over your entire arrangement are going to be detected whenever you open a MIDI file in Liquid Notes: chords, scale and scale changes, to name a few. This information sets the basis for reharmonization of your arrangement.

The information gained from analysis of your MIDI arrangement is presented in the user interface of Liquid Notes: rectangular boxes represent a chord each, with the chord symbol for the respective chord being shown at the top end of it. Also, you can find an overview of all chords in your arrangement in the track view.

So, whenever you want to know which chords there are in your arrangement, simply import the file into Liquid Notes and seconds later you'll be presented with information on all chords in its user interface.

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