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I2C8 has been relaunched as MIDIQ by W.A. Production

The first successor to the existing products of Re-Compose after the transfer to W.A. Production has been relaunched. MIDIQ follows I2C8, featuring an updated user interface, now available for free for owners of I2C8.

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I2C8 relaunched as MIDIQ

As announced a few weeks ago, Re-Compose has signed an exclusive license agreement with W.A. Production. Under this agreement, Re-Compose provides its technology to W.A. Production who is responsible for branding, marketing and sales, as well as product design and customer support. Re-Compose will continue to develop technology.

I2C8 is the first of the existing products which has been relaunched by W.A. Production as MIDIQ. It features an updated user interface, now with W.A. Production branding - and is exclusively available at W.A. Production and Plugin Boutique.

Owners of I2C8 who completed the product transfer to W.A. Production will find a free license key for MIDIQ, as well as the plug-in “Pumper 2”, in their W.A. Production user account. If you haven't completed the transfer yet, please do so here before the end of the year.

Spexx is the next in line for a relaunch, with the release of the successor product scheduled soon.

Find more information about MIDIQ here.

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