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I2C8 has been released, now ready for you to rediscover loops

After months of testing, we can finally announce that I2C8 has been released today. The software is available for download from our website.

Also, a demo has been included for you to play around with.

Read on to find out more.

I2C8 is now available

I2C8 Intelligent Loop Exploration

We made the announcement of this MIDI chord generator earlier this year, and have been busy since working behind the scenes with beta testers on getting the plug-in to a release-ready state. This has been achieved now, and we'd like to throw in a big thank you to all those people who provided feedback, worked hard with us on identifying issues or analyzing problems, and beyond. We couldn't have done this without your help!

Fast forward to what we have for you: I2C8 is a highly interactive tool for the exploration of loops. The plug-in allows you to play around with chord sequences in real-time, in the studio or live. Find more information about it here.

Version 1.0, as released on November 19th, is delivered as a VST / AU-plug-in using the VST 2 standard. VST 3 is currently undergoing testing and is expected to be released in one of the next updates of the plug-in. Also, an installer for Mac and Windows will be added by then only, as with adding of the VST 3 components this adds more complexity to the installation process -- we decided to do all at once rather than having to open the code again, and then re-run all tests.

A demo is available now too as part of the full version of the software. Saving and exporting is disabled, all other features are fully functional.

Download I2C8 now

With all that said, there is only one more thing to add: head over to the download page, enter your details to retrieve the download link and have a go with I2C8.

Feedback is always welcome (good and bad), share it with us here.

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