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The Basics: How to Update to the Latest Version of Liquid Notes

When we published an update of our intelligent music production tool last week, many of you came and asked how to update the software.

Today we want to tell you about the different options you have to always get the latest version of Liquid Notes, and thereby enjoy the up-to-the-minute features.

Get notified about updates of Liquid Notes

We work hard to keep our intelligent composing assistant a great piece of software. As a result, we push out updates frequently, but usually no more than once per month. Those updates include new features and bug fixing so you can enjoy new features that help you make better music faster.

We recommend that you always have the latest version of Liquid Notes installed, as this will ensure smooth operation and a great user experience. You can get notified through our newsletter, or directly by Liquid Notes itself!

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Enable Liquid Notes to check on updates

General settings of Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes can automatically look for updates if it is connected to the Internet. If we make a newer version of the software available, a popup will show notifying you about it.?That particular popup window will provide you with a link to a dedicated page on our website from which you can download the latest file for Liquid Notes.

To activate this feature, please make sure you have selected either "Show each notification (default)" or "Look for updates only" in the General Settings tab of Liquid Notes.

If your machine is not connected to the Internet, this feature does not work, and we kindly ask you to solely rely on the newsletter.

Download the latest version of Liquid Notes

Alternatively, you can always download the latest version of Liquid Notes from the download page of our website. Enter your personal details there and the download link for the latest version of Liquid Notes will be presented to you.

Download the file, extract the ZIP or DMG, install the executable file, and launch Liquid Notes. That's it!

Get started now!

If you have missed last week's post about the addition of an instrument library and track assignment feature, you might want to give it a read and update to the latest version of Liquid Notes thereafter!

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