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Liquid Notes Meets Your Music: Importing and Exporting Files

Going through the multi-colored spectrum of chords and scales with Liquid Notes is a piece of cake. Build roller coaster trails of harmonic tension and release throughout your songs. But how do you move your music into Liquid Notes to get to that kind of fun?

A new video of our series "Getting Started" deals with the question of MIDI file import and export. If you prefer not to work with your own music, Liquid Notes provides a collection of music templates that can help you to take the first steps with your musical ideas or to break through writer's block.

Working with Music Templates

Music templates can be easily accessed from the File menu.

They are simple arrangements of various styles. These are prearranged Liquid Notes sessions for you to quickly try out harmonic ideas or to start building up a song from. You can select from a list of templates with very basic chord successions with selectable keynotes up to more sophisticated arrangements. One example of this is a very simple succession of C major chords. This can be helpful to try out simple harmonic ideas fast or to break through writer's block. But we also offer fully arranged sequences for more elaborate experimentation.

You can have the templates played by a built-in synthesizer or route them to your software sequencer like Logic, Cubase, Live, etc. to use its VST instruments.

The video about musical functions of Liquid Notes shows you how to manipulate such files harmonically.

Importing Your Own Music

To import a MIDI file you can simply just drag a multi-track MIDI onto the Liquid Notes window. Or open it via the File menu.

The import action will then start a wizard which helps you unpack the MIDI file. It will ask you to assign a sound generator. That can either be a built-in synthesizer by Liquid Notes or your sequencer software. Then Liquid Notes shows you the results of a track type analysis of the MIDI arrangement, classifying the tracks into different musical types like melody, bass, chords, percussion, etc. Mostly, the results will be perfectly fine. But if you find any errors or would like to reassign the classification of a track, you can always manually change the settings. Clicking on FINISH arms the music for harmonic manipulation.

Now the software automatically performs an in-depth harmonic analysis of the song. It does so intelligently over all instrumental tracks, just like an expert composer would read and interpret a score. As a result, you get a display of your song's chord progression.

For more information please refer to the video covering the basic musical functions of Liquid Notes.

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If your trial period has already expired, click the button "Reactivate Trial" after launching Liquid Notes so we can unlock it for you.

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