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How to Connect the Standalone Version of Liquid Notes to Pro Tools

Pro Tools is the industry standard audio production platform for high-quality music or sound for picture. And not only does it support audio, it also has great capabilities to modify MIDI - and this is where Liquid Notes comes in.

Here is a look at setting up Liquid Notes to connect to Pro Tools in a few simple steps.

Connecting Liquid Notes to Pro Tools

Establishing the routing in Pro Tools can sometimes be a bit laborious, and today we do not offer any auto-routing mechanism in Liquid Notes as we do for some sequencers. To counteract this we have created a tutorial video that shows you the steps necessary to establish the connection between Liquid Notes and Pro Tools.

Once the connection is set up, you may use the powerful harmonic analysis of Liquid Notes to detect chords, scale and much more. From there on, it's only some clicks on the knobs and sliders of Liquid Notes' user interface to make complex changes to your chord progressions and arrive at the sound that makes you different.

Find additional information on routing for Pro Tools in Mac OS X in this article on our FAQs.

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