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Helping you getting started with Liquid Notes better with more content on our help page

We have started a process to update our website with more content and better structure to provide you better information on Liquid Notes. The aim is to cover you end to end from first contact with the product to any troubleshooting you may encounter.

As a first step, we have updated the support page in its entirety.

More content and better structure on the support page

The original layout of the support page for Liquid Notes has been eliminated after we realized many of you didn't find their way to the relevant topics. For example, it occurred to us that only a handful of users ever looked up FAQs, or posted in the forum.

To counteract this trend we have remodeled the support page with a new layout: different sections in the page help you find information more quickly, and enables us to deep-link into the customer service portal where the FAQs are hosted. It also means that we can use tag lines that refer directly to articles / FAQs / etc. that answer your particular question directly.

On top of the page you can now find the section "Most Asked", which lists trending topics from customer support queries. These are continuously updated so as to reflect on the latest developments there are. Underneath it sit the "Getting started"-sections for Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live, which provide information on everything you need to know for a trouble free start with our products.

At the top right you'll find the links for customer support and community.

Further down you'll find a large section to "Browse by topic". Its name says it all, find relevant content for different categories there - click on it, and it will take you to a page with further information about that subject.

Last but not least, at the bottom of the page you'll find all downloads related to our products - software download, manual, quick guide, demo music and end user license agreement.

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