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Harmony Tuning for Composers: With Liquid Notes, creating harmony is ingenious and simple

Another product review. And yet another great outcome for our intelligent music production tool, Liquid Notes: Germany's Sound & Recording liked what they saw in Liquid Notes, and they praised it for its intuitive access to complex harmonic interrelationships and its simple use.

Summed up, they conclude that "Liquid Notes is a potent music production tool that is already able to competently assist in songwriting and making changes to an arrangement".

A survey of songwriting tools

Sound & Recording had a look at songwriting tools that enable you to create better songs. And they took our music software for an in-depth product test ride.


Making a long story short, here is what they had to say about it: "Liquid Notes can be quickly understood. It runs stable, and the analysis of MIDI files delivers correct results. You don’t need a deep understanding of the theory of harmony and composition. When making changes to your arrangement, Liquid Notes shows you a myriad of attractive possibilities to select from."

Most of all, they highlighted the ease of use and intuitive operation of the interface. It confirms what we tried to achieve with Liquid Notes: a simple, minimalistic interface that enables you to focus on listening rather than being distracted by too many visual elements.

Some tips and recommendations

Product reviews always serve as a good basis to learn about the weaknesses of an application. And so this test reveals that the author wishes for more flexibility when it comes to chords, for example splitting them up or manually inserting them.

We listen to each feedback closely and value any such an input very much. So this demand for more control when working with Liquid Notes has been received and is being analyzed internally.

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Get the magazine today!

You can order issue 05.13 of Sound & Recording magazine on their website. You may also purchase the article about Liquid Notes there separately.

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