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Guitar Center serves you Liquid Notes at $10 for one day only

We have agreed on a unique special promo offer at Guitar Center that will make Liquid Notes available for $10, and only for 24 hours. That makes it a one-off deal to get your hands on our intelligent music composition assistant.

Find more on this deal here.

Liquid Notes for only $10

We normally stay away from selling our software way under the regular price. Guitar Center convinced us though that it's worth giving their customers a special deal, with the limitation that this deal runs for 24 hours only.

This offers a number of people the opportunity to buy our software while not having to worry about the cost, and if it fits in their portfolio. Typically, this attracts buyers who are normally out of reach for us - so, it's worth tapping into this group and learning what they think about our tool for advanced chord progression management.

While we do not intend to repeat any such heavily discounted promotions, we have an interest to learn from the market in how our product and efforts are being seen. This enables us to get a better understanding on market segments that we have not been able to tap yet, and what to do about them. Especially in the light of new features to be added to Liquid Notes later this year, this is of much importance.

Check with Guitar Center on the announcement of the deal, for it will be placed on their front page.

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