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Getting Started: How to set up Liquid Notes with the help of its setup wizard

Liquid Notes is one of the most powerful tools in music composition that helps you create new ideas and speed up the composition process. Today we are starting to roll out a tutorial series about how to best use it.

The first of these tutorials is about setting up Liquid Notes to work with your sequencer, and consequently to produce great results. To make this process as easy as possible we developed a setup wizard that guides you during the setup process.

Setting up Liquid Notes

When developing Liquid Notes, we spent a lot of time tweaking the user interface. It was of utter importance to us that any person, no matter what level of experience in using computer music software, would be able to use our software intuitively.

These thoughts are now reflected in a very clean, reduced interface with only a single controller per chord. Everything else is hidden, so you can focus on what you like best - producing great music.

Enjoy the guidance of a Smart Assistant

Once we achieved that, we had to make sure that setting up our software to work with your sequencer is as easy as using it to produce music: to get there, we came up with a smart assistant that detects your system configuration automatically and guides you in a few steps through the setup process.

Besides our powerful harmony analysis algorithms, the setup wizard is an intelligence of its own and took some time to get it right.

Amateurs and semi-professional users can rely on the suggested settings. Professional users might want to adapt the routing table to their very own needs. Please keep in mind that each system is unique, and thus is tailored to your personal likes and needs.

More tutorials will follow in due course. Enjoy watching the first episode and leave us your comments!

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