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Summer Special Offer: Get Liquid Notes for a special price only in August

Are you enjoying the hot temperatures of summer? We hope you are on a well-deserved break! To keep your excitement at the maximum we're offering our intelligent music composition software for a special price.

You can get Liquid Notes from our partner, Best Service, and any retailer of your choice for the special price of €129 / $139 now. The offer lasts until end of the month. So be quick to grab your license!

Back to school, or back from vacation?

Wherever it was you spent your vacation, here is a postcard with greetings from us. We haven't been on holiday yet, instead we've focused on improving Liquid Notes further. To that end, let us express our gratitude for the continuous stream of feedback you keep delivering to us. It is really great to see that happening!

Within the next days, an update of Liquid Notes will offer you more features again: an interactive song overview, additions to the auto-routing capability for sequencers, and a separation of the loop bar and the timeline display. As always, there's more under the hood that got fixed and improved. And we've got more coming during the next weeks.

Liquid Notes Summer Special Offer

Back to the real topic of the discussion: we're running a special summer sales offer with our partner, Best Service, and any other retailer of your choice where Liquid Notes is listed. Get our software from them for only €129 (incl. VAT) / $139 (excl. sales tax) today!

The special offer is valid until the end of the month, and only with our retail partners.

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