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A Musical Playground: Our first UK product review declares Liquid Notes a "great inspirational tool"

We love critical feedback. It helps us to make our software better, which is important when your aim is to build great products with an educational value. So we are happy about the verdict that Music Tech Magazine came up with for Liquid Notes.

"When you’re stuck for ideas, Liquid Notes will get you moving and help you complete your composition. Great fun to use and well suited to electronic pop of all kinds," is how they summed it up.

Creative stagnation and Liquid Notes

The author of the article continues with the statement that "creative stagnation is experienced by all of us at one time or another". After all, we are the "victims" of listening to well-worn musical paths and having a difficult time coming up with new ideas when being exposed to "noisy" environments: adverts, commercials, etc. are now surrounding us day in and day out, stressing our brain with an ever-growing stream of information that it needs to cope with.

How convenient would it be to have an assistant who can guide you when you are creating new ideas for music? Very convenient, of course. That's what our intelligent music production tool is all about: it reads music like a professional composer does, analyzing the harmony of your pieces. This deep harmony analysis allows you to substitute chords easily, add more color on the fly, create new musical effects, compose more interesting chord progressions, and get fresh ideas all along.

Let your ears decide, not the eyes

Here's the best part: you do this by sliding, turning, or clicking the controller. This takes away the need for a complex interface. Instead, you get a minimalistic interface where all the editing is done in a single window. You make those changes you like, listen to the playback, and base your decisions on what you hear, not on what you see.

Playing around

Music Tech Magazine calls Liquid Notes a "musical playground". They couldn't be more spot on. It's got some limitations in that it wasn't designed as a tool to handle complex musical structures like counterpoint. But within the scope of writing music for electronic music such as house and trance and other popular styles, it's excellent they say.

That makes it a score 7 out of 10, for which we'd like to give a thumbs up to the authors!

Read the article on the web, or order the magazine!

You can read the article on Music Tech Magazine's website. For the full review, pick up issue 122 of Music Tech Magazine, or order it directly from their website.

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