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Factory presets and NKS support for Spexx spectral effects plug-in

We communicated at the launch of our audio effects plug-in Spexx that factory presets aren't included yet. This also includes NKS support, which enables tight integration with MIDI controllers and the likes.

Read on to find out more.

NKS support and factory presets

Factory presets are an important part of the user experience. Giving the user examples to start from with a new tool in sound design allows the latter to get to results quicker, and dive into the effects/filters of a plug-in.

This hasn't been included from the outset when launching Spexx, and we're very well aware of that. We've always seen this as being tightly knit with NKS support - as this enables an intuitive workflow across software instruments, effects, loops and samples. This page has a good overview of NKS.

The integration of NKS is now ongoing. A mapping scheme had to be developed that follows the guidelines set out by Native Instruments - and, may now be extended to I2C8 too.

Once the integration is ready, testing will start with select beta testers. And, if successful, launched in an update with you.

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