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Another excellent rating for Liquid Notes in a product review by AudioEngines

Germany's AudioEngines tested Liquid Notes extensively, and was impressed by its musical capabilities and maturity of the software. They awarded it 4.25 out of 5 stars, being very pleased to have found a tool to make music more interesting and assist with chords and harmonies.

And that's a pretty awesome result for us again!

Product reviews of Liquid Notes

We mentioned this earlier, and we stick to our line of argumentation here again: product reviews and feedback from customers help us make Liquid Notes better. A critical view is always a good starting point to understand what problems the user may be facing, and how solutions can be provided to those.

So, we're very thankful when we receive such feedback and are being notified of any comments, articles, reviews there may be which we haven't spotted yet.

For those of you interested in the product review by Audio Engines, find it in this article - available in German only.

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