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Everything you need to know about pre-ordering our new plug-ins

This is the first time we are running a pre-order for a product yet to be released. For some of you, this may be the first time that you get introduced to such a campaign – equally, for others, it may be the first time you hear about us. Either of you may have different questions, for instance when the product will be delivered.

Here we attempt to answer all those questions, including information about cross-/upgrades from Liquid Notes.

Pre-ordering I2C8 and/or Spexx

As of today, you can pre-order I2C8 – our new MIDI plug-in for chord sequence generation and sequence variant exploration. Click "Buy" on the home page and select "I2C8" from the options available.

Spexx, an audio plug-in for spectral manipulation of sound, is about to be announced on our website in a few weeks. Pre-order of Spexx will start with the announcement of the software. The reason for different launch dates is that both applications are in different stages of development, with I2C8 being almost ready, while Spexx requires a few more weeks of work, especially regarding the user interface, before we can commit to a delivery date.

Each of the plug-ins has run through a private beta test with selected users and feedback was positive.

Both plug-ins will undergo more testing ahead of their official launch to make sure that a broad range of system configurations, host environments, etc. gets tested in order to deliver an application of the highest quality levels. Also, with us switching to a new licensing management system, we want to make sure it works flawlessly.

Frequently asked questions about pre-ordering

Here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the I2C8 pre-order:

  • How long is the pre-order for I2C8 valid?
    This offer is valid until October 15, 2018.

  • What about a cross-/upgrade offer from Liquid Notes?
    Affordable cross-/upgrade offers for owners of Liquid Notes or Liquid Notes for Live will become available with the release of the software.

    Those of you who purchased directly from us will be notified via email. All others will be informed by their local dealer.

  • Can I place a pre-order at my preferred dealer?
    You should be able to buy a pre-order locally at your preferred dealer before the official launch the product. The offer has been made available to them too.

  • Is there a demo of I2C8 I can download?
    No. I2C8 hasn't been tested sufficiently on different operating systems and system configurations yet. This may result in performance issues, bugs, etc., which would skew the overall impression you may get.

    However, you can check out the product page where you can find videos, screenshots and the user manual. This should provide you with sufficient information to get a clear idea about the product.

  • What will I get with my pre-order?
    Upon completion of the transaction, you'll receive the license key for the product which provides you with access to the full version of the software. Once the product is released, you can download it and use this license key to activate it immediately.

    Also, we grant you access to the beta version of I2C8 upon request after the purchase was made.

  • When will the software be delivered?
    We aim to deliver I2C8 by end of October.

  • Which features will the first version of I2C8 include?
    Everything that is included in the videos and/or user manual.

    As of today, a small change to the user interface is required to host two additional buttons and the new license management system (incl. trial period) needs to be tested thoroughly. Otherwise, the software is functionally complete.

We'll add a separate post with information for Spexx once the product becomes available for pre-order.

Use the comments section to ask any other questions you may have!

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