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MIDI Clock Sync: The feature that may make Liquid Notes not react to your command

Some of you have reached out to us, reporting that Liquid Notes shows very bizarre behavior - like not reacting to your input, going into auto-play, and more. This is not some sort of error in Liquid Notes with one of the latest updates, but rather a side effect of erroneous MIDI clock sync messages by other applications on your machine.

Here is more information on this problem, and how you can fix it with one click only.

MIDI clock sync and erroneous MIDI clock events

With one of the latest updates of Liquid Notes, we have included a MIDI clock sync feature that enables synchronisation of playback between the DAW and Liquid Notes. To do so, Liquid Notes listens to MIDI clock events which is derived directly from the DAW or any other synth that you may be using on your machine.

Should any of these send erroneous MIDI clock events and 'Listen to MIDI Clock' is set, Liquid Notes will simply adhere to those as there is no way for us to differentiate between 'good' and 'bad' signals. This may cause Liquid Notes to go into auto-play when opening a file, not react to clicking the 'Stop'-button and other rather unusual behavior.

Changing the default setting for MIDI clock sync

When we introduced the MIDI clock sync feature, we set it to 'on' by default so you could enjoy synchronisation of playback without having to change a setting. However, having learned from the above we will revert this to default 'off' with the next version update.

This leaves it up to you to decide to activate this feature. Should you have run into this issue, go to Settings and deactivate the checkbox for 'Listen to MIDI Clock'. See for more information in this article on our FAQs.

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