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An Introduction: Enhancing chord progressions within a composition with Liquid Notes

Film music is a long-time favourite within our team. Wouldn’t it be great if substituting chords was as exciting as listening to epic film music? We made enhancing chord progressions really simple and fun.

Liquid Notes has been designed to speed up the work of composers significantly. As such, chord substitutions happen in real time and are easy to do.

Enhancing film music has never been more effortless.

Enhancements to film music

Film music composers often face a difficult situation: a client is not totally happy with the arrangement they came up with. Making changes to the music can be a daunting task, consuming some minutes up to several hours of additional work.

With Liquid Notes they can now substitute chords in real-time, opening up a myriad of possibilities to be explored. And all in the presence of the client.

Even better, the music intelligence of Liquid Notes will assist users in creating compositions that correspond to the traditional (even up to not so traditional) listening expectation of the Western world.

Get assisted by our music intelligence

Here is a practical example: when attempting to change a chord Liquid Notes provides a set of new chords progressing from very likely as a substitute to pretty unusual. Those chords can further be altered by adding tension notes, and so very unconventional and surprising results can be achieved.

But it doesn't stop there. Also the following chords in a harmonic progression will be affected by such a change and their positions on the likely-unusual scale will shift according to the general listening expectation following their predecessor. A change of their position on the scale will then lead to very fascinating and sometimes puzzling new patterns of harmonic progression.

Learn more about Liquid Notes

Watch the tutorial video to find out how this works best! Stay tuned for more tutorials about our music software.

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