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Inspiring stories of people who follow their dreams, and share it with you

No, this is not another TEDx announcement. Today is about a different startup, one close to our hearts - Dreama.TV. They want to inspire and empower a billion people to follow their dreams over the course of the next decade.

That's no small feat, and that's why we share it with you. Starting with Albert Franz, a world-class concert pianist who only started at age 17 and of whom his teacher said he'd never be able to play the piano.

Believe in your abilities, and never give up on your dreams

Looking at the extensive interview that is documented in this video, one really has to ask where his teacher got it wrong: Albert had been held back by a disease from playing the piano, and yet he never gave up and practiced relentlessly to reach his dream. Make no error, his path had been sewn with plenty of setbacks, and yet he always recovered and only came out stronger each time.

This continuous drive to reach what he had in his mind finally paid off in him being awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study piano in Vienna, Austria. And he didn't stop there, he continued putting success after success on his stack of achievements and we can say that he performs at the very highest level of piano playing today.

That is quite an accomplishment, and that is what Dreama.TV stands for: to tell stories of people who believe in their abilities and pursue their dreams albeit all the difficulties that they may have encounter. Tune in, and check out other amazing stories that inspire you .. maybe it's you setting out in the footsteps of one of them soon.

And, don't forget to share those stories with the world so we get more stories like this!

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