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Use the one-click file export function to drag & drop projects out of Liquid Notes

Both versions of Liquid Notes are equipped with a function that enables a one-click file export. This comes in useful when you make changes to your composition often, and hence have to toggle back and forth between Liquid Notes and your sequencer.

You can also always drag a file directly onto Liquid Notes, granted this is supported by your DAW.

Here is more on how this works.

Drag & drop file import and export in Liquid Notes

In the latest version of Liquid Notes you'll find a button on the outer right hand side of the menu which features an arrow pointing upwards to the right. By selecting this button and holding it down, the drag & drop file export function is activated.

Keep on holding down the mouse pointer and drag the file to the location of your choice. Liquid Notes will automatically select the entire arrangement and have it ready for export. Once you stop holding down the mouse pointer, it will export the file to the location chosen. This can be either another DAW, your desktop or any other application or folder that is accessible.
Note that some applications do not support drag & drop file import, in which case the process cannot be completed. Put the file on the desktop instead and import it manually into the target application.

At any time you can also import a file in Liquid Notes by a drag & drop onto the application window. This works also if a project is open, upon which Liquid Notes will ask you if you want to save this project first before completing the import of the new MIDI file.

These features are available for both of versions of Liquid Notes, and help you to work in a more interactive manner with your DAW or notation software.

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