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Back to the Future: "Drag a few sliders and you'll be a new Bach"

Have you ever had the feeling that building complex chord progressions is hard to achieve? You are not alone. This is what we created Liquid Notes for.

Our intelligent music composition tool assists you when making complex changes to your songs, just like an expert composer would sitting next to you.

Back to the future, or Boogeyman

This is not only the title of a really cool science-fiction movie, it also holds true for the age of computers and artificial intelligence. The latter is making more inroads into our life, being able to understand our emotions, language and now also music.

Just like an expert composer does the algorithms of Liquid Notes can read and interpret a song, and help you make changes to your musical arrangements by the click of few buttons or the twist of few knobs only. No matter if it is a single-track or multi-track song you built, our software will always be there to assist you with harmony.

A reality check for Liquid Notes

Does it work, you may ask yourself? Yes, it does - Alexander Arsov from Soundbytes has taken our tool for a test, and concluded that Boogeyman can really make you a new Bach.

Is it really that easy? No, not precisely - you still need to train your ear for some time to achieve the high-level of profession that individuals like Bach have achieved. It took them years to get there, Liquid Notes opens the door for you now to get closer faster.

Read Alex's article on the Soundbyte website, and don't forget that the future is now!

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