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The future of artificial intelligence and music instruments, and celebrating music technology

This month is full of exciting events for fans of music gear and technology: it kicks off with a gathering of the music software industry's top companies in Boston at A3E Conference, and is quickly followed by IMSTA FESTA New York.

Both events draw a large crowd to listen, talk and see the latest in music technology. Here's a short reflection of what to expect.

A3E Conference: Advanced Audio and Application Exchange

The title alone says a lot already, and it is no understatement at all: this is one of the world's prime come together's of the leading players in music gear and technology. Hynes Convention Center in Boston is going to be packed on September 23-24, 2014, with companies and their leaders who define the future of music (instruments).

As such it is a big acknowledgement for us to be a panelist for a keynote discussion about "The future of Artificial Intelligence and Music Instruments". There's Marcus Ryle (Line6), Steven Slate (Slate Digital), David Mash (Berklee College of Music) and Scott Kirstner (The Boston Globe) with our Stefan M. Oertl. Find more on A3E's website, and join us there.

IMSTA FESTA New York: A celebration of music technology

Only a few days later, precisely on September 27, 2014, IMSTA FESTA New York opens the doors at SAE Institute New York to celebrate music technology. The event is open to anyone who is interested in the art of music making, expect to find some heavyweight music industry professionals there.

This is your chance to network with the heavy-hitters in New York's music community, and to have a look at the very latest products used for music making. And of course, to talk to some of the brightest minds in the business. Register here if you wish to attend.

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