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Designing a course for learning music theory with the help of Liquid Notes

We've asked our community some weeks ago if a course in music theory would help them better understand Liquid Notes, to which the answer was 'yes, but ..'. While this may not apply to each of you, we nevertheless took it as a signal to spend some serious thoughts on why some of you talk about a steep learning curve with Liquid Notes.

Fast forward to today, we've put together an outline of such a course that not only covers theory but also directly engages Liquid Notes, and would like to get your thoughts on it.

Learning from you what matters in understanding Liquid Notes

We really enjoyed the discussion with you on the previous campaign for a new user interface of Liquid Notes. It helped us create unique insights into what it is that you see in our product, how your workflow looks like and if there are recurring patterns in the statements you provided.

Making a long story short, music is a complex subject and enables for a great many possibilities when it comes to creativity and reaching one's goal. That's the beauty of it, but it also means we need to be able to judge as good as possible to deliver you content that is relevant.

And that is what we want to do today again: we partnered with an expert in music theory, of whom we believe does a great job teaching music theory and creating music theory courses. Together with him we have assembled an outline of such a course that is tailored for Liquid Notes, and that does include Liquid Notes directly in the course work.

For example, you'd receive videos and music examples (MIDI files) that directly relate to the examples mentioned in the study material. That allows you to put your hands on working on such a file in your DAW and Liquid Notes while studying the course material for a particular lesson.

While we do believe the outline we put together has merit, a lot depends on being able to keep you happy and interested throughout such a course: if you're not able to use the skills acquired in the study material, apply them to your work and get results, we've failed.

We are in a unique position of having an experienced partner and Liquid Notes for a new kind of course in music theory, but nevertheless it's a matter of how much effort you'd be willing to invest in such a course, and how we can make it more appealing to you so it's fun for you to explore the intricacies of harmony.

So, head over to the outline and join the discussion to share your thoughts with us!

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