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Crowdsourcing a New User Interface for Liquid Notes Together With You

Ever since the introduction of Liquid Notes we have focused on involving you strongly in our product development. Today, we'd like to take this to a new level in making you part of the conception phase and working together with you on the next user interface of Liquid Notes.

In other words, we are giving you the keys to directly steer the future of Liquid Notes and have the possibility to influence where we are heading to with the product.

Making your feedback count in the search for a new user interface

Product development can be a very cumbersome task. It's really hard to create a simple product, and it's equally difficult to continue developing features that matter to customers again and again with each new release.

We've done product development at different companies for a while, and this has given us a unique insight: there's ample opportunity to get it wrong. So, today we'd like to open an experiment in crowdsourcing a new user interface for Liquid Notes together with you. Rather than playing the cards close to our chest, we're opening product development to you.

The benefit of this, we believe, is that it will enable us to minimize the risk in further development of the product, and that you can share your feedback and ideas early in the process. Great ideas have always come from people, so here we are asking you to join us!

Working with us on the new design / layout

To get started, we have created a mockup of a new layout that puts more attention on the piano roll for a better educational value. It's also got the benefit of feeling more like working in a DAW.

Enough talking, here is the link to the mockup with instructions, etc. Have fun, and thanks for working with us!

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