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Delivery of I2C8 MIDI chord sequence generator is now scheduled for mid of November

We are in the final stages of preparations for releasing our first VST/AU MIDI effects plug-in. The software is scheduled to become available by mid of November.

Read on to find out more.

Release date of the software

We had previously announced to deliver the software at the end of October. This has slipped by a few days as we’re taking a more thorough last round of testing in packing everything together - i.e. installer, user manual, authorization screen as well as other components.

Also, there is an item that has taken us longer to complete: a handful of people (fewer than five to be precise) have reported that I2C8 causes the screen of their DAW to freeze. While the problem has been pinned down to this taking place with some existing projects only (it’s not happening on a new, clean project), it is still unclear what is causing this. Consequently, we’re working with developers of the affected DAWs to identify the root cause.

Overall though, testing has been going smooth and the software has been reported as stable. The release is now planned for Nov 15, 2018.

Delivery of I2C8

Upon release of the software, you’ll receive an email notification from us containing the download link to the full version. Use your license code to activate the software.

You’ll also find the download link to the software on our website (scroll to the bottom of the page ‘Support’, section ‘Software Downloads’).

Cross-grade offer

With the release of the software, also the cross-grade offer becomes available for owners of Liquid Notes or Liquid Notes for Live.

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