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Customer support shutting down within a month from now

With the transfer of our products to W.A. Production to be completed with the relaunch of Liquid Notes, we will shut down customer support by March 13, 2020. All inquiries will then be handled by W.A. Production directly.

Read on for further information.

Customer Support and Help

Up until today, Re-Compose has provided customer support to owners of our products and potentially interested customers. We have managed to answer a couple of thousand inquiries, besides installation issues and bug fixes helping you understand better how our products work to features you would like us to implement in the future.

Last September, we made the decision to transfer our products to W.A. Production as part of an exclusive reseller partnership with them. This transfer is well on the way now. “I2C8” was relaunched as "MIDIQ" and “Spexx” as "Venom", already before the end of last year. Liquid Notes is due to relaunch under its original name at the beginning of March.

The responsibility of customer support shifts to W.A. Production. All support inquiries will be handled exclusively by them from March 13, 2020. Technical maintenance, bug fixes, etc will remain our responsibility. Support inquiries of such nature will be forwarded to us by W.A. Production.

The Re-Compose Customer Support Center will shut down on March 13, 2020. All content has been converted into pdf-documents and can be accessed through selecting a specific topic on our Help page on the website. We will keep our Youtube channel online, but we will discontinue our Facebook fan page later this year.

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