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Crossgrade offer for I2C8 is now available, in your inbox already

Having announced the release of the I2C8 MIDI chord generator earlier today, it is time to inform you about the crossgrade offer for owners of Liquid Notes or Liquid Notes for Live.

Read on to find out more.

I2C8 crossgrade offer

As stated in this blog post earlier this year, owners of Liquid Notes or Liquid Notes for Live are eligible for an affordable crossgrade offer to I2C8. This crossgrade offer contains a license for the full version of I2C8 at a reduced price.

It becomes available now (with the release of the product), and is valid until Dec 10th, 2018.

Eligible customers have already received an email with details about the offer. The notification was sent to the email address you used when making the purchase of Liquid Notes or Liquid Notes for Live from us. It may be that your email has changed in the meanwhile or that the notification ended up in your spam folder (please check it!), in which case you won't have received such notification.

Also, we do not share customer data for privacy reasons. Thus, any purchase you made at your local dealer is unknown to us.

Resellers have been advised to make the crossgrade offer available to you if you meet the conditions outlined above. Not all resellers make the offer available, though.

If you have not received a notification from us (but own Liquid Notes or Liquid Notes for Live) or your reseller is not able to provide you with the I2C8 crossgrade offer, visit the page with the crossgrade offers and enter your purchase details there. We'll check on your details and upon positive validation send you the offer to the email provided within 48 hours.

In case of problems, reach out to us at directly.

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