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Ready for Takeoff: Creating an app-like user experience in Liquid Notes

It's been a while since our last update of Liquid Notes. We didn't sit still, though. Instead, we were collecting a lot of feedback from you that we needed to dissect first. Clarifying point by point what it is that makes Liquid Notes for you today, and what we need to bring in to make it a tool that fits into the realms of the 21st century, as one of you mentioned.

To that end, it’s become clear that what is missing today is a thorough introduction to Liquid Notes giving you a good understanding of our application. The power of the complex mathematical algorithms we crafted may allow for a minimalist interface, yet even that needs a good description. We hear your words loud and clear.

So with today’s release, some familiar concepts from the domain of apps for iPhone and iPad have been added to Liquid Notes, making it an app-like experience. For us, that marks the first step into the realms of the 21st century.

Here is an in-depth look at each of those concepts that significantly improve the basic understanding of Liquid Notes for first-time users.

"Splash screens" that explain Liquid Notes in three minutes

It's in the word already: these are good-looking illustrations that provide a quick overview of the main functions of Liquid Notes. We want to make Liquid Notes stand out from the rest, but most of all sum up what our intelligent music production tool is all about in three minutes when you are swiping through those screens.

We spent many hours working on different iterations of these screens to make sure we hit the sweet spot with you. We hope you like them!

A video series to give you a better start with Liquid Notes

This was announced in a recent blog article: a series of videos that take you on a journey through Liquid Notes, explaining all control elements of the user interface and their operation.

The first four videos have already been published on our YouTube channel, containing a general overview of Liquid Notes, a look at user interface and settings, opening and importing files, and improvising live to a song. More videos will be added over the next days and weeks. It is our intention to provide you with a 360-degree view of Liquid Notes.

On-screen guidance for the peculiarities of the user interface

We also call it a "concierge". When you have the first go with a project in Liquid Notes, it will point out the specific characteristics of the application's user interface. Click on the window on which this information is shown to close it.

There are six blocks of information that are presented in sequence. Do some experimenting with the controllers, function buttons, or other elements at any time!

Usage statistics and crash reports

A standard feature in software nowadays, it helps us get a better understanding of how to improve Liquid Notes. The data is collected automatically, granted we have your permission for it (and that there is an Internet connection available).

All data is collected anonymously and used for internal purposes only. We do not share your data with anyone else, and you may opt out at any time. Simply uncheck the checkbox "Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Re-Compose" in settings.

Bug fixing and improvements

There's a number of bugs we fixed and improvements we included: quick access to instrument settings from the menu bar, improved MIDI filter settings, and updated descriptions in settings.

Download the update today!

The update of Liquid Notes is available on our website. Please fill in the form, download the file, and install it!

If your trial period has expired already, click the button "Reactivate trial" after launching Liquid Notes so we can unlock it for you.

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