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Another Review: "Liquid Notes gives you the edge to create beautiful musical compositions"

We have already received a few product reviews, and yet we're always thrilled when someone new comes up and tells us that they took Liquid Notes for a test ride. What is the result? What is their feedback? Did they identify anything they liked in particular or didn't like at all?

Many questions that spin in our heads, and then a lot of answers. And a big smile if someone concludes that there are no obvious drawbacks to speak of. This is what Frederick Barton of FindMySoft concluded in his review of Liquid Notes. We couldn't be more happy about that!

Smart music composition assistant for beautiful compositions

Correct, this is what Liquid Notes is. There isn't anything like it out there, which makes it a bit hard to compare. Simply put, it's a very powerful tool for editing harmony and melody. Well, that requires a bit more explanation ...

Many of us are can produce a chord progression on a piano or keyboard. But very often it sounds a bit "too ordinary". Kind of the same stuff over and over again. Our mind likes to revert to known patterns and ideas. "Creating a musical composition and making it sound right involves a lot of creativity", as well as good knowledge of music theory and well trained ears, we'd like to add to Frederick's statement.

It is from this perspective that Liquid Notes plays its cards out smart: Our intelligent music composition assistant allows you to dynamically change chord progressions. It lets you experiment with chords wildly without affecting your original composition. Shift a few sliders, turn some knobs, and let color indications guide to get to the sound you always wanted to create.

It really is that easy. And with all changes happening in real time, any ever so little alteration can be heard immediately. And that comes in very handy for musicians who want to make their composition sound different.

Frederick concludes that "Liquid Notes gives you the edge you need to create beautiful musical compositions". And we couldn't agree more with that!

Find the original article on their website, and feel free to leave a comment or rating there.

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