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Connect Liquid Notes to any available DAW and enjoy making music

With such a vast portfolio of DAWs available on the market, customers often ask us how to establish the routing settings to a DAW we have never heard of. This brings us to a point at which we ask ourselves if our community has ever heard of that product? And, if it is relevant for you?

Today we'd like to try something new and check its relevance for our community.

MuLab, a modular DAW for use with Liquid Notes

Popular DAWs are all the rage, but Liquid Notes also works with not so popular ones and notation software, too. This is made possible by having chosen for a setup that uses system level MIDI routing, which - contrary to a VST setup, which can vary significantly by tool - enables us to connect our software to any sequencer in a few steps only.

What does this have to do with MuLab, you may ask: it was pointed out by one of our customers recently, upon which we got in touch with the developer, Jo Langie. He has produced what many claim as the world's first modular DAW, with a set of different features from other sequencers that offer a lot of compositional freedom and flexibility. This somewhat different approach can lead to following an idea and staying in the flow easier, as some of you have told us.

While everyone has to decided what works for him/her, we can only say that Jo is passionate about his creation and invests a lot of time in providing great customer support. These are values that we share, and beyond that we think it is just about the right level to get into music production and achieve results quickly.

Setting up MuLab to work with Liquid Notes

Routing instructions for establishing the connection between Liquid Notes and MuLabs can be found on page Help, or directly in this entry in our FAQs.

Now it's your turn, we'd like to hear from you if news like these are relevant for you. Reach out to us, or use the comments section below to share your opinion.

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