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Common errors when making the first steps with Liquid Notes or Liquid Notes for Live

We spend a lot of time making our software better, and a large part of that exercise revolves around listening to your feedback and engaging in conversations with you. Any software is always just as good as the person who designed it. So learning from you is of utter importance.

Time and again we realize that some people struggle when making the first steps with Liquid Notes or Liquid Notes for Live. So here is a short summary of the most commonly experienced issues and where to find information on resolving them.

Finding information for the first steps

The page Help of our website provides a great deal of structured information on Liquid Notes. With manuals, currently known issues, frequently asked questions, a detailed breakdown of topics, and much more, this is your first point of contact with information about our software.

Most importantly, we have placed information about the first steps with Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live there in two sections labelled as such. Head over to the page if you haven't done so yet to familiarize yourself with its content.

Establishing the connection to the DAW

Many times, this is one of the first steps when opening Liquid Notes. Again, the page Help breaks down information with videos for each sequencer (standalone version) or how to establish the connection to Ableton Live 9 (MIDI Effect).

Note that it is a very common problem that the connection between Ableton Live 9 and Liquid Notes for Live can’t be established because the firewall on your machine blocks communication between these applications, or when a scene contains no notes. Also, a custom user library in Ableton Live 9 may cause such problems. Read more in this article and find in it a link to a checklist.
If you still can't get it to work after running through the checklist, or if anything is unclear in that checklist, reach out to us at!

Preparing an arrangement for the harmonic analysis in Liquid Notes

Before you import a MIDI arrangement into Liquid Notes, there are a few rules you should know so you don’t get confronted with error messages or warnings from the track type identification and harmonic analysis of our software. This is of particular importance for people less experienced in music theory or composing, or to simply understand how Liquid Notes works.

We have summed up how to prepare an optimal arrangement for Liquid Notes in this article. Reading it is highly recommended for everyone operating our software. Again, if you don't understand something, make no progress, or the like, get in touch with us.

Java 8 currently not supported

Some of you might see an "unexpected error" when launching Liquid Notes or Liquid Notes for Live. This is most likely related to a problem with Java, which is currently not supported. Find more information in this article.

Using the latest version of Liquid Notes

Some problems you face simply may result from running an outdated version of our intelligent composing assistant software. The most current version of the software is always obtainable from our update page.

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