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Send us examples of songs that you have created with I2C8 or Spexx

Our new VST/AU plug-ins are barely a few weeks old, yet we have already got a few examples of people who made songs with it. With this said, we'd like to invite each of you to send us info on the creations you made with I2C8 or Spexx.

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Creating songs with our new plug-ins

Each of our new plug-ins serves a specific purpose: fast generation of loops in the case of I2C8 and creation of unique soundscapes with Spexx.

Both of them can be used in different settings, and that's what we're after in learning from you. Not only would we like to know of any songs you created with it (and potentially feature those on our social media channels), but also we'd be happy to learn more what exactly it is you're doing with our plug-ins.

This enables us to learn more about how we could improve the products in your everyday use. For I2C8, there's this specific page here which enables feedback to be directly included - whereas, for Spexx leave it below.

We've included sound examples made by users on our SoundCloud.

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