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Collecting feedback on potential improvements when working with I2C8

We always strive to make our products better. As such, we did run several campaigns in the past that put you in the driver seat with the aim for you to have a say on the direction of product development.

Today we do that again.

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More capabilities in I2C8

I2C8 was released a few months ago. We ran an intense testing phase, including a fairly large number of beta testers. At one point we even decided to open up the software for pre-orders at a reduced price in order to give our customers a chance to influence development. We even went as far as to prepare a special feedback page for our community to discuss the good and bad of this loop generator plug-in.

Based on the comments provided there, we included a number of new features - such as, chord velocity and step sequencing - in a recent update of I2C8. Find the details here, in case you missed the news.

Yet, there are items which we'd like to discuss in more detail with you. Those may appear inconsequential, but may all the while cause additional effort for you when working with I2C8. One such example is not being able to adjust the length of chords separately for each chord (which requires you to do this manually, by cutting chords in your DAW).

While the limitation to triads is an obvious choice for complaint, we believe there are a lot more small items that could be addressed.

Let us know in the comments section about these items or write to us!

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