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Collaborate with Moby: Pro Tools and Ableton Live Project Files Available for Re-Mix

DJ Moby has just released his latest studio album, Innocents, featuring guests such as Wayne Coyne, Skylar Grey, Cold Specks and Mark Lanegan. Beyond releasing the album in traditional formats, he also offers it as a BitTorrent Bundle, meaning anyone could download the stems, have a go and remix them. Additionally the files for the song Perfect Life are available as Pro Tools and Ableton Live projects at the New York start-up

Moby. Collaboration and sharing in making music.

With, you also receive access to collaborative tools comfortably allowing for making changes to any track, following fellow artists on their approach, and integrating your efforts on stems and revisions. If you prefer to directly work in Ableton Live and Pro Tools, you can alternatively download the project files and take it from there.

Controlling digital content and collaboration in music making

Being a veteran in the business, Moby has some interesting views on controlling digital content and collaborating:

"Moby:….About 5 years ago, I started a website called, which gives free music to indie filmmakers, film students, non-profit organizations. I really like the idea of putting music out into the world and having no idea what sort of life it's going to have. One of the reasons I now have my own record company is that when I was with EMI, they really wanted to control the way music was released into the world and existed in the world. My approach is to not try and control it at all. I really like the idea of not just giving people finished content. It's giving them something that if they choose to they can manipulate and play with however they want. There's absolutely no restrictions on it and that makes me happy.
When people try to control content in the digital world, there’s something about that that seems kind of depressing to me. The most interesting results happen when there is no control. I love the democratic anarchy of the online world. [Source:]"

This current initiative aims at re-mixing, sharing and collaborating. The fine print or any restrictive strings commonly attached to participation in contests and similar opportunities are missing here.

Replying to the question as to whether they are really free to do what they want and what if someone comes up with their own remix and they sell it, Moby says:

"...They (BitTorrent) were wondering what I would want them to do with the money. And my response was that they (re-mixers, users…) could take their friends out to dinner or give money to their favorite charity. Even if I make the stems, if they made the effort to make the remix, they should be the ones to profit from it." [Source:]

So, to get the project files for Ableton Live and Pro Tools at we have arranged a VIP Code for you. Get involved via and re-mix, collaborate and share to your liking.

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