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Click on learn more to get additional information for each setting in Liquid Notes

Since one of the latest updates of Liquid Notes we have included a new feature that provides additional information on each of the settings included in our intelligent chord progression management software. That enables you to quickly know what is what in the software, and what effect a change of settings will have.

Here is more information about this feature.

Learn more provides more information for each setting

When you open a setting in Liquid Notes, or in more general with each dialog box displayed, you'll find an item "Learn more" usually at the bottom left of that window. This item is clickable, and underlined.

Once you click on "Learn more", a pdf document with additional information about the particular settings shown on that window is presented. This enables you to get a good understanding of the different settings available in Liquid Notes, and what those do to the operation of the software.

These documents are to be seen in addition to the tutorial videos and manual provided for Liquid Notes. Its aim is to help the user when in need of this information.

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