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Chord generation and randomization of chords potentially heading to Liquid Notes

We have announced this in a newsletter some days ago. And, also mentioned that this goes hand-in-hand with the development of a music theory course for learning chord progressions from scratch.

Time for us to put these features into the spotlight and tell you more about them.

Outlook on potential new functionality in Liquid Notes

One of the items mentioned most often by customers of our intelligent chord progression management software is the ability to generate chords. And, to split them without having to head back to a DAW. In other words, to have a tool that acts like a stripped down version of a DAW that enables quick recording of musical ideas.

For the past two years we have worked together with many of you in refining this product, and also at one point opened it up in a mockup for public discussion. That brought in some very good feedback, which allowed us to see the bigger picture. And, from which to judge the requirements towards such a solution.

As we communicated earlier, the current software architecture of Liquid Notes had never been designed for DAW-like features. Rather, its intention was to act as a plugin with deep access to the MIDI data stream so changes become immediately visible in the piano roll of a DAW. This has held back a push into the direction demanded by our customers.

Now a specific element of technology has become available which enables us to expand the feature set of Liquid Notes considerably: a chord generator and comprehensive reharmonization capabilities through randomization of chords. This results in a much improved feature set for your music making, bridging the gap from what Liquid Notes is today and what you want it to be.

Not all fundamentals have been established yet, a decision on a 'go ahead' is expected by end of the year.

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