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Changes to license activation process in Liquid Notes

We are making some changes to the activation process of licenses for Liquid Notes. This is a step in preparation for the launch of Liquid Notes 2, which is scheduled to be released by April 2018 only.

Find here what this is about, and what it means for you.

Changes to license management system

Ever since the introduction of Liquid Notes in 2012 a license management service provided by a third party, Nalpeiron, has been used as part of the installer package for piracy protection. While we are happy with the quality of the service provided throughout the entire period of usage, we have decided not to extend the annual subscription for the service provided by Nalpeiron. Instead, a different solution is used starting from October 13, 2017.

New customers of Liquid Notes are asked to register their license code from this date onwards with us (via a form provided on our website), and will then receive the download link to our software only.

Existing customers who activated Liquid Notes prior to this date do not have to take any action. Only in case of a license transfer, deactivation or activation of a license by or after this date reach out to us at so we can assist you.

It is our aim to make using our software as easy as possible for our customers. With the introduction of Liquid Notes 2 we will re-evaluate if the solution implemented now delivers on that - and, if a rethink is necessary.

[Update] With the above change, it is not possible to extend the trial period anymore after the 20 day free trial has expired. The trial period starts counting with the first installation of Liquid Notes on your system, no matter if you launch the software or not.

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