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Liquid Notes: A new way to deal with harmony in your composition

Mastering complex musical harmony so far has been a challenging process. Not any longer: Liquid Notes combines the knowledge of classical music composers and cutting-edge software. Digging into tricky harmonic changes in a very simple way has now turned into reality.

The composers and software engineers of the Re-Compose development team have been working hard to create a pioneering tool that will enhance your work as a composer or sound designer. This tool has finally arrived: Liquid Notes.

Change harmony and chord tension with ease

Combining the knowledge of classically trained music composers and Recompose's cutting-edge software engineers opens up exciting new possibilities in music software: Liquid Notes analyses the harmonic structure of your composition and lays out all the chords in a simple timeline format on the main screen. Controllers are added for each chord, their vertical position indicating the “ordinariness" of the respective chord. A narrow, light gray bar in the middle of each chord corresponds to the tonal range of the respective chord.

Now the magic begins: By moving the controllers on the main screen you can change chords and progressions within the context of your composition. With every move of the controller the harmony at this position in your song will be altered to the next “likely” chord type.

In a second step you can begin to work on the complexity of your song: By dragging the slider while holding the Alt-key on your computer keyboard, you can add or remove tension notes to or from every single chord. This allows you to easily create a more or less complex harmonic texture with just point and drag! It's simply magic!

Liquid Notes gives ordinary users the power to compose like a professional. Our music production software works with every major sequencer: Cubase, Logic, Live, Pro Tools, Sonar and many others.

Download Liquid Notes!

Dive into the magic and try it yourself by downloading your personal 30-day trial version of Liquid Notes.

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