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Moving Forward: Liquid Notes now features a piano roll view for more detail on your changes

Starship Enterprise and its crew have always been ahead of our times. Just think of its innovative concepts for operations, live-saving controls and all these seemingly daunting interfaces at the vessel’s bridge. Not to mention Commander Spock.

Liquid Notes. Now with a piano roll.

Liquid Notes is no different in that sense - boldly going where no man has gone before, yet embracing established conventions to provide the best user experience possible: In this update we added a piano-roll plus further handy features to bring you some of the control options we all know from DAWs.


Xmas Sales: Our songwriting assistant for a better Christmas party starts at $99 only!

It's the time of the year where candles are being lit up and preparations start for the big day that is to arrive soon. So, why not make your Xmas party special then? And, why not give you something unique and special?

Xmas Sales. Liquid Notes makes your party better.

Today our Xmas Sales for this year starts, and we happily invite you to join us on our musical journey of making some great tunes with Liquid Notes!


A Great Review: "Works brilliantly, particularly with electronic music. Easy to use."

MusicRadar gave Liquid Notes a thorough look, and concluded that our songwriting assistant software succeeds in enabling deep harmonic manipulation of MIDI arrangements. Moreover, the reviewer was positively surprised by the software's musical approach and impressive results.

As always, it didn't just stop there. Here's a summary of the review by their product specialists.


Cyber Week Sales: The perfect time to get Liquid Notes and spend some time with your family

The holiday season is approaching fast, Thanksgiving is now all over us. Many people will be travelling to see friends and family, and many of you look forward to the discounts offered during these festive days on a large number of tempting products.

Cyber Week Sales. Get Liquid Notes for a massive discount.

So, let's get our very own special onto the musician's plate and start rolling. Shall we?


Collaborate with Moby: Pro Tools and Ableton Live Project Files Available for Re-Mix

DJ Moby has just released his latest studio album, Innocents, featuring guests such as Wayne Coyne, Skylar Grey, Cold Specks and Mark Lanegan. Beyond releasing the album in traditional formats, he also offers it as a BitTorrent Bundle, meaning anyone could download the stems, have a go and remix them. Additionally the files for the song Perfect Life are available as Pro Tools and Ableton Live projects at the New York start-up

With, you also receive access to collaborative tools comfortably allowing for making changes to any track, following fellow artists on their approach, and integrating your efforts on stems and revisions. If you prefer to directly work in Ableton Live and Pro Tools, you can alternatively download the project files and take it from there.


Interview: Our Stefan Oertl on Frank Zappa's "Jazz isn't dead. It just smells funny."

Tutorials Mao, a popular French website on music production and music gear, featured an interview with our Stefan Oertl. Apart from taking a look at his musical journey and the products created by Re-Compose, the talk also focused on Frank Zappa's famous words on jazz.

This interview was published by Didier Navarette of Tutorials Mao, a French website on music production that has created early traction for Liquid Notes in France. Find this interview on their website, originally published in French!


Explosion of EDM: Adding creativity back into music with Liquid Notes

In an interview with TechZulu, a popular tech blog from Southern California, we sat down and talked about the explosion of electronic dance music (EDM). With strong growth in the industry fueled by EDM, it appears that much of the music sounds the same.

It is exactly there where Liquid Notes comes in to give you a helping hand when making music, adding creativity back into the music production process.


A Great Testimonial: Liquid Notes enters the bestseller list of music gear retailers

With the sales numbers of October coming in, there was a pleasant surprise in the box for us: Liquid Notes made it onto the bestseller list of two stores that sell music software. And this only after a recent first listing with them!

Best of all, it's not just about any stores. Those are two of the most respected shops for music software that have been in business for a while.


Another Review: "Liquid Notes gives you the edge to create beautiful musical compositions"

We have already received a few product reviews, and yet we're always thrilled when someone new comes up and tells us that they took Liquid Notes for a test ride. What is the result? What is their feedback? Did they identify anything they liked in particular or didn't like at all?

Many questions that spin in our heads, and then a lot of answers. And a big smile if someone concludes that there are no obvious drawbacks to speak of. This is what Frederick Barton of FindMySoft concluded in his review of Liquid Notes. We couldn't be more happy about that!


MIDI in a Nutshell: Basic Concept & Workflow, MIDI Files and Liquid Notes

In response to several emails we’ve received recently from community members inquiring about the nature of MIDI files, MIDI in general, and how this relates to Liquid Notes, we came up with a brief overview of the most important aspects of MIDI.

Many of you are perhaps already well versed in all things MIDI, but if you are new to the world of digital music production and to Liquid Notes, read on.


Roar! The Liquid Notes special price offer makes you want to create music again

Over the summer, we put a lot of effort into winning retailers over to include Liquid Notes in their product range. Some days ago, we informed you that Plugin Boutique and Prime Plugins had added our intelligent music production software to their catalogues.

The Liquid Notes October Special. Get the best Liquid Notes ever.

We are celebrating this with a special offer for Liquid Notes valid during October, only from participating retailers.

And there are more retailers getting added each day.


Better Support for Ableton Live: Build multi-track MIDI arrangements in Liquid Notes

The latest update of Liquid Notes comes with a feature requested by many users of Ableton Live: an import function that combines several single-track MIDI files into a multi-track arrangement directly in Liquid Notes. It's very simple, just what you are used to from other features in Liquid Notes.

Best of all, this is not only restricted to users of Ableton Live. Anyone can use this feature to build a multi-track MIDI arrangement in Liquid Notes.


Grown Up: An overhauled design for much better usability and way more in Liquid Notes

Today, we are bringing you a major update of Liquid Notes: We have spent the past weeks working long hours for a much improved layout of the user interface. It now gives first-time users a better understanding of our software and more control.

The new Liquid Notes. Much better, and with many more features.

This update is now ready for you to download from our website, free of charge for users who purchased a license of Liquid Notes in the past.

And it doesn't stop here. This update has to offer a lot more!


Creativity Explored: A New Approach to Music Production with Liquid Notes

This article was written by Kristiel Laettner of, and originally appeared on their blog. We have republished it here for your reading pleasure!

Do you also feel like expressing yourself creatively in one way or another? You are not alone. This is a fact of human nature. However, with our world becoming more complicated every day, universal creativity is in decline, causing an ever growing emptiness in our lives. We all consume music on a daily basis and a majority claims to be in need of it like water and air. But most people would want to--but cannot--actively make music.


More Control: An interactive song overview for better navigation

This has been one of the most requested features, and today we're happy to announce its implementation: an interactive song overview displays the entire song, complete with all chord regions.

Screenshot of Liquid Notes

So, why interactive you ask? Well, because as always this is just a first step and there is more to be added soon.

Let us explain.


Summer Special Offer: Get Liquid Notes for a special price only in August

Are you enjoying the hot temperatures of summer? We hope you do enjoy are on a well deserved break! To keep your excitement at the maximum we're offering for our intelligent music composition software for a special price.

You can get Liquid Notes from our partner, Best Service, and any retailer of your choice for the special price of €129 / $139 now. The offer lasts until end of the month. So be quick to grab your license!


A Useful Companion: Train your musical ear for harmony with Liquid Notes

We love product reviews. Seriously. They give a good reflection of where we are at, and what is missing today that may be added tomorrow as a new feature. Or, simply a bug that hasn't been fixed yet.

There is an enormous depth of information in such a review, and one can learn a lot. Here is what we took from the latest in-depth review of Liquid Notes.


Back to the Future: "Drag a few sliders and you'll be a new Bach"

Have you ever had the feeling that building complex chord progressions is hard to achieve? You are not alone. This is what we created Liquid Notes for.

Our intelligent music composition tool assists you when making complex changes to your songs, just like an expert composer would sitting next to you.


Daft Punk in a Box: Reconfigure chords in a song to make it sound completely different

Random Access Memories is Daft Punk's latest creation. Clever marketing has been one of the reasons for the success of their album, however if you listen to Chilly Gonzales there is more to it.

Harmony, and the variation of a piece one can create through it, plays a big role in having us listen to the songs on the album over and over.

So, what does this have to do with Liquid Notes?


Ready for Takeoff: Creating an app-like user experience in Liquid Notes

It's been a while since our last update of Liquid Notes. We didn't sit still, though. Instead, we were collecting a lot of feedback from you that we needed to dissect first. Clarifying point by point what it is that makes Liquid Notes for you today, and what we need to bring in to make it a tool that fits into the realms of the 21st century, as one of you mentioned.

To that end, it’s become clear that what is missing today is a thorough introduction to Liquid Notes giving you a good understanding of our application. The power of the complex mathematical algorithms we crafted may allow for a minimalist interface, yet even that needs a good description. We hear your words loud and clear.

So with today’s release, some familiar concepts from the domain of apps for iPhone and iPad have been added to Liquid Notes, making it an app-like experience. For us, that marks the first step into the realms of the 21st century.


A Musical Playground: Our first UK product review declares Liquid Notes a "great inspirational tool"

We love critical feedback. It helps us to make our software better, which is important when your aim is to build great products with an educational value. So we are happy about the verdict that Music Tech Magazine came up with for Liquid Notes.

"When you’re stuck for ideas, Liquid Notes will get you moving and help you complete your composition. Great fun to use and well suited to electronic pop of all kinds," is how they summed it up.


Harmony Tuning for Composers: With Liquid Notes, creating harmony is ingenious and simple

Another product review. And yet another great outcome for our intelligent music production tool, Liquid Notes: Germany's Sound & Recording liked what they saw in Liquid Notes, and they praised it for its intuitive access to complex harmonic interrelationships and its simple use.

Summed up, they conclude that "Liquid Notes is a potent music production tool that is already able to competently assist in songwriting and making changes to an arrangement".


Be Different: A "double shot against matter-of-fact music"

Product reviews are always a great start in the day, especially if the editor calls Liquid Notes a tool that counters unemotional music. That causes a smile to our face, we love to bring a bit more color to your life!

Amazona took our intelligent music composition tool for a spin. Here's a brief summary of the result.


More Choice for Where to Buy: Liquid Notes gets listed at Musikhaus Thomann

Our reseller cooperation with Best Service is only some days old, and already we are proud to announce that Liquid Notes is now available at Musikhaus Thomann. The latter being no smaller than Europe's largest online and retail store for music gear.

This makes us very happy, and shows the confidence these people have in our products and our ability to continuously make them better. For you as consumer it means more choice for where to buy Liquid Notes.


A Strong Partner: Best Service becomes the international reseller for Liquid Notes

Re-Compose is proud to have partnered up with Best Service as a sales partner. Best Service is one of the largest global sales companies for music software and hardware with a high quality standard. At the same time, our website is now available in German and we have released version 1.3.2 of Liquid Notes with new improvements.

Best Service, one of the largest international companies for sales and distribution of music software and hardware with an impressive product portfolio (e.g. Vienna Symphonic Library and Native Instruments) has included Liquid Notes in its choice of products. We are very proud of this partnership due to the fact that Best Service guarantees a high quality standard with its products.


Startup Innovators Showcase: Re-Compose at the 12th SF MusicTech Summit

SF Music Tech Summit is always a delight to attend. It brings together "visionaries in the evolving music / business / technology ecosystem, along with the best and brightest developers, entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, journalists, musicians, and organizations who work with them at the convergence of culture and commerce."

SF MusicTech Summit Startup Innovators Showcase This year's event was no different. Plenty of startups and new ideas in music, and Re-Compose amongst the winners of the Startup Innovators Showcase. We've been named one of ten Notable Startups to watch out for, thus stay tuned!


Inspiration. Serendipity. Control. Personality. Not Necessarily in that Order.

This is the first article in a series of posts from users of Liquid Notes reporting about their experience with our intelligent composing assistant. In the weeks to come we will present you with more such articles, giving you a better idea about how Liquid Notes is perceived, and what others use it for and how.

Dinu Ivancu Dinu Ivancu is a freelance sound designer, architect, and musician who loves to manipulate and contextualize both sound and forms. His focus is on conveying emotions through harmony and abstract sounds, following an organised but organic structure.

The fascination for sound and music from a young age led him on a path that had him discover the fantastic properties of sound and be forever fascinated by it. Having a few years of classical training in his youth made this connection permanent.

Even though later in life he specialised in architecture, sound and music were always of high interest to him. This had him involved in various events indoors or outdoors, from traditional events/parties to experimental and avant-garde venues.


Algorithmic Creativity: How Artificial Intelligence and Music Come Together at Re-Compose

The first article from a guest blogging series with other popular blogs, today we take a deeper look at the inner workings of Re-Compose. More precisely, the intersection of artificial intelligence and music.

This interview was published by John Paul Bennett of, a popular website that matches top developers with high-quality freelance and full-time jobs. Find this article about algorithmic creativity also on their website, and follow them on Twitter at @GUNdotIO!


A Look Back: A Great Year, Lots of Learnings and Much More to Come in 2013 ...

We are very excited about our progress this year: Over its course, Liquid Notes has seen two major upgrades and several minor ones, and it is now a much more mature product.

However, we will not stop there. We have collected great feedback from you and we are continuing our hard work on improvements and the addition of new features.
So what's next you may ask?


Merry Xmas: Create New Ideas with Liquid Notes and Follow Our Headlines

Just a few hours before Christmas, we want to share some more things that we have prepared for you, so you can enjoy your holidays even more with us.

We've spent quite a bit of time producing a new video that gives a better glance of Liquid Notes and shows how to create fresh musical ideas with it. And you can now follow our news more easily by subscribing to an RSS feed.


Another Review: Top rating for Liquid Notes. Makes music compositions significantly more interesting

Our intelligent music production tool, Liquid Notes, received yet another top rating, great feedback, and an award in an in-depth review by

Another top rating for Liquid Notes A rating of "Good+" (1.5) and the editor’s statement that "alterations are applied to the whole arrangement, including the melody line, and not only to a single instrumental track, is close to magic" is a strong testimonial of what our music software is capable of.

It comes as no surprise that, as a consequence of such a great test result, the editor awarded the software with the "buenasideas TIPP".


The World of Harmony in a Box: The boxed version of Liquid Notes is here

Many of you have been asking for a boxed version of Liquid Notes. Today we are releasing just that for you. So you can safely store your copy of our intelligent music production tool at home now.

The boxed version of Liquid Notes Launching a new product is exciting, and so is this. With the boxed version of Liquid Notes, we wanted to give you a beautiful piece of art that stands out from the mass of music software.

Consequently, we added the typical Liquid Notes color mix to it, with the logo centrally gleaming from the front.


Quick User Guide: Why you should spend some minutes to learn about Liquid Notes

Did you actually know we added a quick user guide to version 1.3 of Liquid Notes? It is the one item we invested a lot of time in to get you started more easily.

Why is that important you ask? It's simple: our intelligent music production tool, Liquid Notes, comes with a radically simpler user interface that optimizes your music production workflow through reduction and focus on core elements only.

So spending five minutes to get to know the main functions of the user interface will give you a head start with Liquid Notes.


The New Liquid Notes: It's the same outside. Yet there is way more music composition inside

Liquid Notes, the highly intelligent composition assistant for your music productions has gotten better yet. Take your arrangements to perfection from within!

The new Liquid Notes. Better, and yet more powerful. We are always hard at work to make our music composition assistant better.

The past three months has seen an enormous effort put in to make it more powerful as a whole, in particular to get you started much easier.

Today we released a major update that looks the same outside as before, but from the inside it delivers a much better experience.


An Insider Tip: Beat Magazine ranks Liquid Notes top, and awards it the title “highly recommended”

What do you do when your music composition software is rated 5.5 points out of 6? We were happy, said thank you, went back to work, and focused on making it even better!

Liquid Notes receives editors highly recommended badge We are delighted that Beat, Germany’s second largest magazine for music software, production and DJ-ing, awarded Liquid Notes with the editors’ choice.

The award comes after reviewing our music composition assistant software thoroughly in a test among new synthesizer plugins.


Making Things Better: Improvements to the music production workflow of Liquid Notes

Making Liquid Notes available for offline use on your desktop was just the first step in a series of updates we have in the pipeline for our software. We want to make our music production software as easy and smooth to work with as possible when recording or editing, and foster its educational value!

There is many of you who reported the music production workflow being an issue with Liquid Notes. Today we bring you an update that provides more comfort in your workflow and improves the overall performance of it.


A Major Step: Liquid Notes’ harmony analysis is now available as offline version for your desktop

We have gotten our heads around bringing our complex harmony analysis intelligence to your desktop in offline mode. No more Internet connection required. Download it from our website starting from today.

Screenshot of Liquid Notes Now you can produce great music from anywhere!

We listen to your feedback carefully. Even though many of you praised us for providing a great piece of music software, too many of you were not happy with the requirement for an Internet connection to perform the harmony analysis.


The Next Step: Easy manipulation of chord functions in real-time, and creating ideas using music templates

Ever thought how to make a product better? Listen to your customers and connect the dots. We did that, and thus we bring some new and improved features with this update of Liquid Notes to you.

When we listened to you there were two points of interest standing out: manipulation of chord functions would expand the ramifications of possibilities and using music templates would allow you to do more things faster.


A New Music Production Workflow: Enabling creativity in music composition by turning chaos into order

Many of you yet struggle to understand where the power of Liquid Notes sets in: Is it a toolbox app? Is it magic? Finding answers to these questions is easy when looking at what it does to the workflow of producing music.

Liquid Notes should be seen as your best friend in compositional decision making. It is not to be mistaken as a magic wand - rather, it is a change in the workflow of how music is being produced today.


An Introduction: Enhancing chord progressions within a composition with Liquid Notes

Film music is a long-time favourite within our team. Wouldn’t it be great if substituting chords was as exciting as listening to epic film music? We made enhancing chord progressions really simple and fun.

Screenshot of tutorial video on film music enhancements with Liquid Notes Liquid Notes has been designed to speed up the work of composers significantly. As such, chord substitutions happen in real time and are easy to do.

Enhancing film music has never been more effortless.


Getting Started: How to set up Liquid Notes with the help of its setup wizard

Liquid Notes is one of the most powerful tools in music composition that helps you create new ideas and speed up the composition process. Today we are starting to roll out a tutorial series about how to best use it.

The first of these tutorials is about setting up Liquid Notes to work with your sequencer, and consequently to produce great results. To make this process as easy as possible we developed a setup wizard that guides you during the setup process.


It’s Finally Here: Liquid Notes for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Enables you to create better music

After more than 2 years of development we are happy to tell you that Liquid Notes is finally coming to your computer. You can download it from our website starting November 15, 2011.

Screenshot of Liquid Notes “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” Neil Armstrong radioed when setting foot on the moon as the first human in 1969.

With over twenty years of academic research, more than two years of development of complex mathematical algorithms, and a whole lot of testing by music composers we believe we have good reason to finally bring the next generation music production software to your computer!


A Second Dimension: Harmony progression management, live performance, and melody creation

Liquid Notes is much more than an aid to master complex musical harmony. With LN Live you will now be able to perform live and flawlessly to polyphonic melodies in real-time. Music intelligence at its best.

Liquid Notes takes harmony progression management in your compositions to the next level: Complex musical harmonies can be changed and improved by a simple click. But there is more to it, the pioneering second dimension of this software product - live performance and melody creation via LN Live.


Liquid Notes: A new way to deal with harmony in your composition

Mastering complex musical harmony so far has been a challenging process. Not any longer: Liquid Notes combines the knowledge of classical music composers and cutting-edge software. Digging into tricky harmonic changes in a very simple way has now turned into reality.

The composers and software engineers of the Re-Compose development team have been working hard to create a pioneering tool that will enhance your work as a composer or sound designer. This tool has finally arrived: Liquid Notes.