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Two experiences in life and how they shape self-actualization in people

TEDx San Francisco may have happened some months ago already, but only now we're able to shed more light on it as more and more videos of talks from the event are posted by the TED community.

Today we take a look at Markus Rogan's talk on two experiences, the hamster and the panther. Those are exemplary for our doing, and provide good clues on how to find mental clarity and meaningfulness.


Color indications in Liquid Notes tell you how far off your chords are

When looking at the user interface of Liquid Notes, one of the things that stands out is the addition of color indications to the main controls. There is also a vertical bar just below each chord symbol that shows in different color, depending on the settings you have chosen for each chord.

Those color indications provide information on the conventionality of chords from a perspective of Western musical styles.

Here is more on this.


Liquid Notes examined in detail in a video by Studio One Expert

We love it when others take a detailed look at our intelligent chord progression management tool, Liquid Notes. It is no surprise then that we have been very much welcoming the news that David Mood of Studio One Expert took a deep dive into our software, and examined most of its features.

It culminated in a video that shows much detail about Liquid Notes' capabilities in providing alternatives for chords, scales and harmony.


Meet us at NAMM, and grab your coupon code for a discount on Liquid Notes now

The biggest trade show of music merchants is about to open its doors in Anaheim within some days only. While we do not exhibit in person there, two of our team members, Ariane and Sara, will attend the show and are available to have a chat with you.

Meet Ariane Cap and Sara J. Crow to talk about Liquid Notes at NAMM 2016

There is also a discount on both versions of Liquid Notes we offer exclusively around NAMM. Find the coupon code and more details in this article.


When working with the standalone version of Liquid Notes, adjust the tempo for playback

With the standalone version of Liquid Notes there are some features unique to it. One of those addons in this version is the ability to change the tempo of playback directly in Liquid Notes, so you can hear how each change reflects on your arrangement even at different tempo.

This article sheds more light on how to use this feature.


Looking back at an eventful year with more to come for Liquid Notes in 2016

We are nearing the end of the year again, and with it comes a short summary from us to reflect on what we have accomplished as well as what is to come yet. There is plenty we have on our plate at the moment to make Liquid Notes a better product, and there are a lot of other things out of your line of sight we have been working on.

Here we take a look at where we are in the master plan for Re-Compose, and what is next for Liquid Notes.


Enabling a resell of a license for Liquid Notes requires a different licensing model

Only a handful of people have asked in the past if reselling of a license they obtained for Liquid Notes is permitted. While some developers allow for such a practice, we have made a conscious decision many years ago not to support this for multiple reasons.

Herein we explain the details of our thought process, and why a resell requires a different licensing model. Such a model is emerging on the scene now, so we also take a look at it.


Special Xmas deals around Liquid Notes now available at your local dealer

With Christmas approaching fast it is time to inform you on a number of special deals we have agreed to with resellers of our chord progression management software. These deals become active at or around December 15, 2015.

Find here more on the different deals and where to get them.


A Quick Guide in Liquid Notes takes you through the software in two minutes

When we designed Liquid Notes we not only focused on the ease of use of the user interface but also what possibilities there are to have you understand its features quickly. At the time there weren't too many options, albeit we added one later with splash screens that are displayed on the first opening of our intelligent chord progression management software.

However, in case someone missed those screens one has to do it the old way.


Find special deals around Liquid Notes at your local dealer for Black Friday

The Black Friday weekend marks a special occasion in the US and Canada for some significant discounts on many products. This enables many people to make a number of purchases while not having to spend too much for those.

We'll offer a special deal around Liquid Notes at resellers in North America.


Working on the design of a music theory course together with Ariane Cap

Only a few weeks before the end of the year we have some exciting news to share with you: Ariane Cap, an experienced bass player, educator and bestselling book author has joined our team. She is an expert in education of music students, and has recently completed the highly rated book "Music Theory for the Bass Player: A Comprehensive and Hands-on Guide to Playing with More Confidence and Freedom".

Ariane Cap is an experienced bass player, educator and bestselling author

Together with her we'll be working on developing an entirely new concept for a hands-on and equally fun tool to teach you the essentials of chord progressions as used in Liquid Notes.


Control the limit of available chord alternatives in the settings of Liquid Notes

Music theory can be a complex matter, especially when it comes to harmony. There are literally myriads of chord progressions to choose from, which can make your job in managing these difficult. While Liquid Notes' powerful harmony analysis covers the entire width of harmony, we've also included a feature that provides only chord alternatives that are deemed 'safe' from a musical perspective.

This is for you not to venture out into completely unchartered territories of harmony, albeit this filter can be disabled for more advanced users.


Talking about music that gives you superpowers at Eurobest 2015

Taking place on December 1-3, 2015, in Antwerp, Belgium, Eurobest is the festival of European creativity and dives deep into music. Its aim is to bring together "the continent's varied cultures and vibrant communities to inspire learning, interaction, debate, and a healthy dose of competition."

That's pretty wicked, to say the least. And, better yet, we've partnered with Los Angeles based Musikvergnuegen to speak on music that gives you superpowers.


The piano roll in Liquid Notes shows you all notes and any changes you make to your song

Some time after having launched Liquid Notes we added a piano roll to the user interface, which was one of the most demanded features at that moment. It now sits atop the main controls, giving you a direct view on your MIDI arrangement just as you are used to from a modern DAW.

But there is more to the piano roll in our intelligent chord progression management tool.


Inspiring stories of people who follow their dreams, and share it with you

No, this is not another TEDx announcement. Today is about a different startup, one close to our hearts - Dreama.TV. They want to inspire and empower a billion people to follow their dreams over the course of the next decade.

That's no small feat, and that's why we share it with you. Starting with Albert Franz, a world-class concert pianist who only started at age 17 and of whom his teacher said he'd never be able to play the piano.


About mental clarity and meaningfulness at TEDx San Francisco

As reported some weeks ago, work has started on our new product for performance enhancement in athletics, games, and work in Los Angeles. That not only takes us to a center of the music industry and some amazing outdoor culture, but it also gives us access to some special events that are close to our heart.

Markus Rogan talks about mental clarity and meaningfulness at TEDx San Francisco

It wasn’t planned. But after our idea came to the attention of the TEDx San Francisco organizers, and they invited us over to come speak about it.


Rethinking the music theory course and lessons learned from the discussion with you

Ever since presenting an outline for a music theory course in harmony, and in particular chord progression, we haven't stood still. To the contrary, we have spent a lot of time analyzing your feedback, speaking to people about other courses they took and slowly gathered a good understanding for what it is that you ask for.

Here's an update on where we stand today, and what is next.


Liquid Notes has been tested successfully for compatibility with Mac OS X El Capitan

With Apple having resorted to a naming scheme around California's Yosemite National Park, this time's free update of Mac OS X named after awe inspiring El Capitan. Having stood in front of it already and seen climbers up its vertical wall, it makes you aware how big a challenge it is to get up that wall.

To find out if Liquid Notes can mount this wall, we upgraded to the official release of Mac OS X 10.11 and took it for a spin.


Setting up shop in L.A. to work with partners on our next product

We told you earlier about our next product around a new generation of functional music for performance enhancement at sports, games and work. The first phase of work with such music has been completed, now it's time to test it in the field. And that means going to Los Angeles, where we work with partners from science and performance training on our next product.

L.A. has a lot to offer, not only when it comes to music. Learn more what it is that we are looking for when exploring such functional music.


A call for feedback for an online mastering solution developed by friends

Our friends from Masterlizer have asked for help to bring their product in its current beta to the attention of our community. They are now collecting feedback early in the product development life cycle to better understand the needs of users.

With that said, find information herewith about them and what exactly they are looking for.


A comprehensive and applicable guide in learning music theory for bass players

No, this is not the course we promised you for learning harmony. This course was developed by a friend of ours, Ariane Cap, who is a bass player and has a big heart for musicians. Out came a lovely book on understanding the basics of music theory, using a compelling learning approach.

Ariane Cap's book on music theory is a great resource for bass players

Let us explain why we think it's worth buying if you're a bass player.


Simple and hassle free license management without any USB dongles in Liquid Notes

Have you noticed one key difference in Liquid Notes? Our intelligent chord progression management software is coming with a simple, yet efficient license management solution that requires no USB dongles and just works. It really does so, and we're proud of that fact.

Find out more about license management systems in this article.


Definitely try using Liquid Notes to enhance the quality of your songs

These are words taken from a review of our intelligent chord progression management software, Liquid Notes, by Softpedia. It fits well into a stream of product reviews that have earned ourselves a name in the wide spaces of the music technology universe.

Here we share a few lines from that review with you.


The quest for a new generation of music and our master plan to get there

Some years ago we came across a great blog post by Elon Musk about the Secret Master Plan for Tesla Motors. What we did like about that post is how it laid out in simple ways what his business was about, how they were going to reach their overarching purpose and, most strikingly, that his plan still holds true today.

With that said, we’d like to give you an insight into our plan for Re-­Compose and assess how far we have come.


Standalone version of Liquid Notes features a built-in synthesizer for sound generation

Both versions of Liquid Notes come with a slightly different feature set on top of the main functions which are the same across all versions. For example, the standalone version of Liquid Notes sports a built-in synthesizer for sound generation. This enables you to work from anywhere, and without the need to connect it to a DAW.

Read here more about this built-in synthesizer, and how this translates for more comfort in your workflow.


Tracktion is another intuitive, professional DAW that works well with Liquid Notes

A few weeks ago we asked our community on their interest of bringing you news about less known music production software that connects to Liquid Notes, and which some of you might want to have a go at. The answer to this initiative was a 'yes', so herewith we continue this effort and bring it one step further.

Today we have a look at Tracktion 6, a professional sequencer with an intuitive user interface.


Track type identification by musical function for chord progression management

Much unknown to many, there is more than a harmonic analysis of your MIDI arrangement in Liquid Notes: a track type analysis is necessary to determine the musical function of each track in the harmonic context. This is to ensure that tracks are handled correctly when it comes to reharmonization.

Here we present you more information on how this identification works, and why it is important to deliver accurate results.


Everything you need to know about Liquid Notes explained in a nutshell

We have once again created a few videos that make an attempt in bringing the essence of Liquid Notes to you.

This shall help those of you unfamiliar with our intelligent music composition software in getting a better understanding of its capabilities, what it contains and what it doesn't. Overall, we also want to make sure that people get an overview of Liquid Notes' main features by watching one video only.


Auto-routing to most popular DAWs in the standalone version of Liquid Notes

While some of you may well be aware of this feature, it is still worth mentioning as it provides a great level of comfort: with one-click only the MIDI routing settings to your DAW are established automatically, so you can get going with your project immediately.

Granted, this is not available for all DAWs - find out more hereafter.


Wearables and biometrics in music at the 6th Annual Future Music Forum

The Future Music Forum (FMF) is an annual international music conference based in Barcelona that gathers the leading minds in the world of music to exchange views on how music is being shared in today's digital age and discuss new developments taking place in music technology.

Amongst the topics being discussed there is a panel session on wearables and biometrics in music. With wearables having become technologically adept and usage widespread, that excites us.


Connect Liquid Notes to any available DAW and enjoy making music

With such a vast portfolio of DAWs available on the market, customers often ask us how to establish the routing settings to a DAW we have never heard of. This brings us to a point at which we ask ourselves if our community has ever heard of that product? And, if it is relevant for you?

Today we'd like to try something new and check its relevance for our community.


Both versions of Liquid Notes now compatible with Java 8 on Windows

It's been a while since we have started work on this, but today we are happy to finally announce a version of Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live that is compatible with Java 8. On Windows, that is. Unfortunately, there is still an unsolved issue with Java 8 which needs to be solved by Oracle before we can deliver a version to you.

Here is more information why it took us so long to get this out the door and how you can upgrade to the latest version of Liquid Notes if you are a Windows user.


New formats take centre stage at Music Tech Fest Scandinavia

Music Tech Fest is an initiative powered by the European Union to bolster more innovation in music, and related fields. The format has toured much of Europe last year, having seen great events in a number of European cities and left many impressed by what is to come in music yet.

#MTFScandi brings the Music Tech Fest to Sweden, with a focus on new formats in music.


Making music and creative strategies for electronic music producers

It's a common phenomenon when making a piece of music: you've put your kit together, recorded parts of a song and suddenly you are stuck. Or, you may get stuck already before, with no help on how to make it a step further.

That's another unfinished piece sitting in your drawer, and an unpleasant feeling all together.

But there is hope in the form of a new book.


The evolution of music, and how music itself turns into technology

We are living in times where technological progress is simply astonishing. The rate of change us humans have created over the past decades is mind-blowing. Innovation follows innovation at a rapid pace, and there is no end in sight.

What does this mean for music? Is it affected too? In an article on the future of music we look into this, and talk about the inevitable destiny.


New video series explaining all features of Liquid Notes, one video at a time

In many conversations with you we got to understand that often some features built into Liquid Notes are unknown to you, or remain undetected. Hence, you may not be able to exploit the full potential of our intelligent MIDI composing assistant.

To counteract this, we have set out to create a series of short videos that explain a feature each in short videos.


Giving you more choice to buy Liquid Notes local, now also in Spain

We have worked relentlessly over the past weeks to give you more choice to buy local. It's important for us that you can buy Liquid Notes at your preferred reseller of choice with whom you have built a relationship already.

Today we are glad to add that Liquid Notes is now available at dealers in Spain.


Beat Lab Academy opens doors in Los Angeles, offers Ableton Live Certified courses

We had the pleasure to meet with Yeuda Ben-Atar, an Ableton Live Certified Trainer, some months ago in his neighborhood in L.A. This is when he told us about his plans to launch a new school of modern electronic music production.

Now he has pulled the curtains off his project, and we're glad to report that Beat Lab Academy is accepting the first batch of students.


Liquid Notes is on sale until end of the month at select resellers

We have agreed on a special promotion with resellers across the US and UK for the remainder of the month of February. This deal includes both versions of Liquid Notes, the standalone version which connects to all DAWs and the MIDI effect for Ableton Live 9.

In case you were thinking about making a purchase of Liquid Notes, here is more information on where to find those deals.


Out-of-date Java versions and risk of serious security vulnerabilities

One of our users of Liquid Notes today pointed out that Oracle has started pushing the latest build of Java 8, Update 31, to users. With the installer of that version comes a tool that checks for out-of-date versions of Java on your machine.

Out-of-date Java versions and risk of security threats.

While that is a good thing to clean your system of out-of-date versions of Java, many of you will be surprised by the text it reads in that tool when detecting any old version of Java: "Your machine is at risk for serious security vulnerabilities. It is highly recommended that you promptly uninstall out-of-date versions."

Find herewith more information on this issue.


Updated setup instructions for the routing between FL Studio and Liquid Notes

FL Studio remains a popular DAW with many of you, so we decided that it's time to update the information on establishing the connection with Liquid Notes. The new FAQ puts an emphasis on the MIDI routing settings you need to verify for each VSTi.

Read on for more information on this, and find the link to the FAQ hereafter.


Common errors when making the first steps with Liquid Notes or Liquid Notes for Live

We spend a lot of time making our software better, and a large part of that exercise revolves around listening to your feedback and engaging in conversations with you. Any software is always just as good as the person who designed it. So learning from you is of utter importance.

Time and again we realize that some people struggle when making the first steps with Liquid Notes or Liquid Notes for Live. So here is a short summary of the most commonly experienced issues and where to find information on resolving them.


A great year with lots of interesting conversations, and much more yet to come

It's that day of the year again where everyone is wrapping up about what happened over the past 12 months, and what there is to come yet. There's been plenty for us to look back to, especially those conversations in bringing the product forward another step.

Here are our top moments of the year, and what we see next.


Xmas deals for Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live for you to chose from

We've almost reached the end of the year again, and with that comes a time of special offers for you to snatch up that bargain you may have been looking for. This year shouldn’t be any different.

Xmas special offers of Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live.

Here is an overview of the latest deals for Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live:


Prime symbol at chord names in Liquid Notes, and differences to Chord Track in Cubase

With Steinberg having released Cubase 8 some days ago, a few of you have asked what the difference between the Chord Track function in Cubase and Liquid Notes is. Notably, there's been other people inquiring about the symbol (') sometimes added to chords in Liquid Notes for reharmonization.

Here is an attempt to shed more light on both topics.


Update on music theory course with and new layout of user interface of Liquid Notes

Over the past months, we have been delighted by the quantity and depth of your feedback for a new user interface of Liquid Notes and an interactive music theory course. And we thoroughly enjoyed going deep and back and forward with some of you to understand what it is that you'd expect from such a tool.

Taken all together and laying that feedback and requirements out on a product development roadmap, we can say that the features you requested would definitely turn Liquid Notes into a powerful “musical sketchpad” that lays the basis for a new generation of intelligent music instruments. And, given that such a tool would also provide an interactive mode to teach music theory, there certainly is potential for success.


Liquid Notes at 40% off during Thanksgiving weekend at select resellers

Black Friday marks the starting point for all sorts of special offers, especially when it comes to software. There aren't many developers who do not participate in the feast, so naturally we offer a deal too.

And that's a full 40% off the regular sales price of Liquid Notes.


Trial expired message immediately upon first installation and launch of Liquid Notes

It came to our attention over the past days that a few customers reported being shown a 'trial period expired' message when installing Liquid Notes for the first time on their machine. This is abnormal behavior, as when you never installed the software before on your machine you are supposed to be granted a 20-day free trial period to test the software.

We are currently investigating this issue, only very few people are seeing this issue - for all others the software works as designed.

Find out more here if you're affected by this too.


Updated version of Liquid Notes now compatible with Mac OS X Yosemite

We announced in a blog post some weeks ago that Apple made some major changes to how it handles applications in Mac OS X 10.10, which results in a licensing error when you launch Liquid Notes using that version of the operating system. In short, if you updated to OS X Yosemite through Apple's developer seed program, Liquid Notes wasn't usable anymore.

Liquid Notes now compatible with OS X Yosemite

Even though Mac OS X Yosemite is still in beta at the time of writing this article, we have deployed an update today that resolves this issue.


Unlocking some myths about artificial intelligence and musicians becoming robots

Over the past months many discussions have been stirred by a number of media outlets, reporting on major breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. For example, such as its capability to understand emotions and feelings. To a certain group of music makers this represents the onset of Skynet, the machines which took control in Terminator - unsurprisingly then, much resistance can be felt from these individuals.

Will all musicians become robotos?

But what's the real deal about these discussions on AI making music makers useless? And why does it cause such a strong emotional reaction from some?