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Multiple updates to Spexx and I2C8 since the launch of the plug-ins

We've been quietly at work ever since launching our new VST/AU plug-ins shortly before the end of last year. This has resulted in a number of updates being released directly on our website, but not pushed out to customers.

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New videos with information on all of the effects in Spexx

While the user manual holds a good level of detail on each effect of our spectral effects plug-in Spexx, hearing is different from reading when it comes to signal processing. It is, therefore, we made a series of videos showing what the effects in Spexx do.

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Send us examples of songs that you have created with I2C8 or Spexx

Our new VST/AU plug-ins are barely a few weeks old, yet we have already got a few examples of people who made songs with it. With this said, we'd like to invite each of you to send us info on the creations you made with I2C8 or Spexx.

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Use of Spexx and I2C8 with ProTools currently not possible

With our new VST/AU plug-ins Spexx and I2C8 having only recently been released, it is important to note that the AAX standard is not supported currently. This means that users of ProTools can't use the plug-ins yet.

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Spexx is now available for download – the software was released today

It's been many months since our first audio effects plug-in has been in development, so today we're particularly proud that we're finally able to release it. Needless to say that it's a big day for us, just a few days before Xmas.

Spexx Interactive Spectral Manipulation

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I2C8 has been released, now ready for you to rediscover loops

After months of testing, we can finally announce that I2C8 has been released today. The software is available for download from our website.

I2C8 Intelligent Loop Exploration

Also, a demo has been included for you to play around with.

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All relevant information on pre-ordering our audio effects plug-in

Today marks the day our first audio effects plug-in, Spexx, was announced. For us, having come from a pure MIDI-based technology, that's history in the making. And with that, we're offering Spexx at a reduced price for a limited time.

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Audio effects plug-in Spexx is now ready for pre-order at a reduced price

Our first audio effects plug-in is nearly ready for delivery. Spexx is a powerful tool for the creation of unique soundscapes, made possible by highly effective and precise algorithms for spectral manipulation of an audio signal. All packaged into a light-weight user interface, for the highest level of interactivity.

Spexx Interactive Spectral Manipulation

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Video review by In The DAW gives an excellent view on I2C8

For those of you who want to know what others think about our new MIDI effect plug-in, here is a review by Jerry Mateo from In The DAW. They take an in-depth look at the good and not so good of I2C8 and even include a music example they created with it.

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Testing of I2C8 is well on the way, now preparing for even more testing

The development of I2C8 (chord generator) and Spexx (audio effects plug-in) is progressing well. A large number of items of the testing roadmap has been completed already, with the focus now on the final steps before delivery of the software.

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Some technical information on the chord generation engine in I2C8

While we announced our new MIDI effect plug-in I2C8 some days ago, we did not provide any insight on the basic principle of chord generation and the technologies used so far. As it is an entirely different model from Liquid Notes, some explanations may be of help to understand better.

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Everything you need to know about pre-ordering our new plug-ins

This is the first time we are running a pre-order for a product yet to be released. For some of you, this may be the first time that you get introduced to such a campaign – equally, for others, it may be the first time you hear about us. Either of you may have different questions, for instance when the product will be delivered.

Here we attempt to answer all those questions, including information about cross-/upgrades from Liquid Notes.


Pre-order our new chord generator I2C8 today at a reduced price

After many months in the making, today we pull the wraps off our new product – a real MIDI-plug-in for chord sequence generation. Even though it is not completely finished yet, we offer you the possibility to pre-order it today at a reduced price – and we'll also run a public beta test to clarify some of the remaining questions of development.

I2C8 Chord Sequence Generator

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Information on your personal rights as part of the EU GDPR

The European Union's General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) are becoming effective by May 25, 2018. These provide for some stringent measures as to how businesses handle personal data, and how they are being held accountable.

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New tools and a different strategy to broaden our portfolio

We've explained our reasoning for a different strategy which has been pursued since earlier this year in a separate blog entry. This will culminate in another tool for spectral manipulation of audio, which will be added to our catalog soon.

Here you can find more information about that new strategy.


Welcome Screen in Liquid Notes provides everything at a glance

When designing Liquid Notes, we included a Welcome Screen that helps you make the first steps with our intelligent chord progression management tool. It serves as a first reference point to use the software.

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Ableton Live 10 is here and brings a wealth of new features

Ableton Live is growing up. Version 10 makes a lot of the things users loved about previous versions better, and adds Max for Live integration directly to Live 10 Suite. No more additional downloads required, it's all part of one big family now.

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Find the latest in music technology and gear at NAMM 2018

The NAMM Show remains the powerhouse to showcase music technology and related gear. It attracts a huge crowd year by year, making it the place to go if you want to see all that is new on the market - and, some great live performances after the show.

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Special Offers for Liquid Notes around Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It's that time of the year again. Well, not exactly yet - it's a few more weeks until Christmas is around. Nevertheless, the weekend of Black Friday until Cyber Monday has become the real thing when it comes to big one-off deals.

And, so it is no big surprise that we're part of the party once again.


"Call to Arms: Charity 2017" raises funds for children in need

Danish artist Luftrum has launched a charity campaign "Call to Arms: Charity 2017" in which he raises funds for the NGO "Save the Children". With the campaign ending soon, we're throwing this up at you rather now.

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Liquid Notes is fully compatible with macOS High Sierra

Apple's latest operating system for Mac, named macOS High Sierra, has been released a few days ago. That brings an entire set of new features and more stability, and we can confirm that it works fine with Liquid Notes.

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Removal of Java in Liquid Notes 2 and other relevant information

We announced earlier today that a successor to Liquid Notes is in the works. It brings a suite of new functionalities, amongst them intelligent chord generation and advanced features for reharmonization.

An important fact for many is discontinuation of the use of Java.


Changes to license activation process in Liquid Notes

We are making some changes to the activation process of licenses for Liquid Notes. This is a step in preparation for the launch of Liquid Notes 2, which is scheduled to be released by April 2018 only.

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Remixlive 3.0 for iOS shows the capabilities of tablets as music making devices

Mixvibes has been in the business of making attractive music software for many years now. As we previously covered Ableton's app for iPad serving as a remote control for Live, we have to add this app - because, Remixlive 3.0 takes it a step much further.

Get some ideas here about what an iPad may hold for you.


Making music using the Circle of Fifths and music theory explained

Music theory is a complex topic with many angles to be studied. In order to facilitate the process of making music, there ain't only our intelligent chord management software Liquid Notes - there are also other concepts in use such as the Circle of Fifths.

Here is a look at the latter.


Ableton purchases Cycling '74, makers of Max and Max for Live

Those of you working with Liquid Notes for Live will be well aware of Max for Live, the software used for communication with Ableton Live. And, which since inception, has enabled the creation of multiple Max for Live patches, primarily for use with Ableton Live.

It's been a long relationship between the two companies, with Ableton now having acquired Cycling '74.


Use the loop bar and the zoom window to work efficiently with Liquid Notes

As with most major DAWs, Liquid Notes also comes with a loop bar and a zoom window which enables you to select which portions of an arrangement you want to work on. That enables you to work more efficient with our harmony management assistant.

Here is the insight on those features.


Innovation around music is as strong as ever and continues to grow

While innovation in many other sectors of technology has shot up strongly over the past 5+ years, music has been lagging behind. This is not the case anymore, with many new entrants in the race for attracting new customers can be identified.

Here is a closer look at what's going on.


Update to adding advanced chord progression management features to Liquid Notes

We stated some months ago that we are looking into adding more features for advanced chord progression management to Liquid Notes, or a separate product that may derive from it. While the analysis of technical feasibility took a while to complete, we can now confirm that it is possible to use the technology as described then.

Here a bit more information about this topic.


Quick Menu in Liquid Notes gives you direct access to important settings

With the overhaul of the user interface of Liquid Notes a little while ago, we included some buttons for a better workflow when operating Liquid Notes. This enables you know, for example, to access the instrument selection and ReHarmonize settings via one click only.

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Use the Reset button in Liquid Notes to go back to the initial chord setting

When you are working on reharmonizing chords with Liquid Notes, there is a feature that enables you to jump back to the original settings for a particular chord. That is the "Reset"-button, which sits prominently on top of the main controls.

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Guitar Center serves you Liquid Notes at $10 for one day only

We have agreed on a unique special promo offer at Guitar Center that will make Liquid Notes available for $10, and only for 24 hours. That makes it a one-off deal to get your hands on our intelligent music composition assistant.

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Demo music for most popular DAWs included in Liquid Notes

The standalone version of Liquid Notes contains an entire package of demo music for the most popular Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) on the market. This enables you to jump directly into experimenting with those examples in your favorite DAW.

And, this is even possible when you are testing Liquid Notes as part of the trial period granted automatically.


Special offers around Liquid Notes during the Xmas period

With Christmas being only a few days away, it is time to inform you on the special offers around Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live during this period. This is to make sure you get a fair chance to pick up our intelligent music composition assistant at the right price.

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Melody Maker 4 Live Bundle now available at Plugin Boutique

Just a few days before Black Friday, and we have a special deal for you. Plugin Boutique are bringing Liquid Notes for Live in a bundle with three other great pieces of music production software. So you can create some exciting pieces of music, and get inspired for some new directions in your songs.

Melody Maker 4 Live Bundle

All of that in a time-limited offer, and only at Plugin Boutique.