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Getting Started

Liquid Notes Meets Your Music: Importing and Exporting Files

Going through the multi-colored spectrum of chords and scales with Liquid Notes is a piece of cake. Build roller coaster trails of harmonic tension and release throughout your songs. But how do you move your music into Liquid Notes to get to that kind of fun?

A new video of our series "Getting Started" deals with the question of MIDI file import and export. If you prefer not to work with your own music, Liquid Notes provides a collection of music templates that can help you to take the first steps with your musical ideas or to break through writer's block.


Get in Control: An overview of control elements and settings in Liquid Notes

This is the second video of the "Getting Started" video series. It explains the main control elements that form the user interface in Liquid Notes, and their operation. Also, the video takes a look at the different settings available to you.

It's important to us that you have an easy start with Liquid Notes and that you get to understand the concept of the user interface as quickly as possible. This enables you to get more out of our intelligent music production tool, and have more fun with it.


Getting Started: A new video series that provides you with more information about Liquid Notes

Today marks the start of a new category on our blog: "Getting Started". This category will feature articles and videos that serve as an easy entry point for working with Liquid Notes. The first video in this series is an introduction to the general musical functionalities of Liquid Notes.

Screenshot of tutorial video on general overview of Liquid Notes

Over the next weeks, more videos will be added to our YouTube channel. It is our aim to give you the best possible start with Liquid Notes. We regard videos as a method of communication that fulfills this task best.