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Pioneers Festival brings a dedicated track for music startups

The Pioneers Festival has established itself as the prime event around startups and innovation in Central Europe. The annual event attracts some 3k+ visitors from different nations, and an equally impressive lineup of startups from all over the world. And, it's located in Vienna's impressive Hofburg Imperial Palace.

Find out more about this event in this post.


Music, creativity and technology at Sonar Festival in Barcelona

This Spanish city always had a strong heritage in arts and creativity, thanks to its magnificent weather, closeness to the beach and - not last - the stunning Gaudi architecture that decorates the city. In recent years it started its transformation into an international powerhouse for globally recognized events, such as Mobile World Congress.

Sonar Festival followed in the steps of the others, now attracting about 120.000 visitors from more than 95 countries.


Messe 2017 features Bitwig Studio 2.1 and many other new products

Bitwig is by far not as old as Musikmesse Frankfurt, but nevertheless got off to a great start ever since its release some 3 years ago. While release 2.0 of the now popular music production software Bitwig Studio happened only a month ago, version 2.1 will see the light of days at Messe 2017.

Are you new to Messe 2017 or Bitwig? Read on for some basics.


Plenty of new products and other innovations at 2017 NAMM Show

While we only just have passed Xmas and most people are still fully engulfed in the festivities, many of you - including ourselves - have already started setting our sight at the next major event in music production. That is traditionally the NAMM Show which takes place by end of January in Anaheim, CA.

Read more about the NAMM Show here.


Autumn is full of events around innovation in music technology

During the summer months most of the events surrounding music technology hit a low. That is, there are none that we know of - most probably because musicians and DJs are busy showing their craft at hip locations like Spain's Ibiza. Or, in other clubs around the world where dancing until sunrise is what entertains the crowd.

Now, we haven't been to Ibiza ourselves, so we can't comment on the above. We have been at numerous events though, and here's a list of those happening later this year.


Meet us at Pioneers Festival in Vienna to talk on Liquid Notes and other projects

Pioneers Festival has become one of the most popular events in Central Europe where entrepreneurs, investors, etc. from all over the world meet. It's also one of Austria's finest events, for it takes place in Vienna's Imperial Palace which comes with amazing architecture that was crafted by the great masters of some centuries ago.

Here is more about this event.


Events: A new category on our blog that provides information about relevant meetups

At Re-Compose, it is our aim to provide you with not only great and easy-to-use products for music production but also an outstanding customer service. We hope that the most recent update of Liquid Notes brings us a step closer to fulfilling that claim. Adding events to our blog is one more way to service you better.

Some of you we have been meeting repetitively at different events across the world. Others we have never met. However, we value being in touch with you and learning from each of you. Or simply sharing our music production tips and tricks with others and, above all, learning a few tricks from you. Last but not least we are eager to learn how we can improve our product.

It is from that perspective that we are adding this category to our blog, to inform you about meetups in your area for an improved connection with you, and to present you with the chance of being part of the community of music producers.