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Cyber Week Sales: The perfect time to get Liquid Notes and spend some time with your family

The holiday season is approaching fast, Thanksgiving is now all over us. Many people will be travelling to see friends and family, and many of you look forward to the discounts offered during these festive days on a large number of tempting products.

So, let's get our very own special onto the musician's plate and start rolling. Shall we?

Treat yourself to a decent piece of music software

Liquid Notes is the most powerful harmony and melody editing tool, capable of an in-depth harmonic analysis that enables you to make your song sound different. Twist a few knobs, move a few sliders and you're a step closer to achieving this reality.

Best Friday Sales. Get Liquid Notes for a massive discount.

And if that is not enough, select from the entire range of harmonic possibilities to find the sound you have always been looking for. Totally simple and easy, in a clean and fresh user interface.

What's all the buzz about? For a limited time only you can get Liquid Notes for the special price of $99.95 on our website - use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY13 - or at any participating retailer: Plugin Boutique, Prime Plugins, Best Service, Audio Deluxe, JRR Shop, Scitscat Music, Software Dreamer and Saved by Technology.

Purchasing a license for our intelligent music composition assistant now will also grant you access to the next updates.

Watch out for the next updates of Liquid Notes

And there's many new features in the works: a sync function between the DAW and Liquid Notes synchronising recording and playback, a tempo feature and a piano roll that makes any change you make to your arrangement visible immediately at the notes level.

As always, we don't just stop there! There's more to come from us in the next weeks.

Haven't downloaded the latest update yet?

The most recent version of Liquid Notes is loved by our customers! If you haven't read about it yet, here's the article on our blog.

And don't forget to update to this version, or to give it a try! Download it from our website.

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