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Better Support for Ableton Live: Build multi-track MIDI arrangements in Liquid Notes

The latest update of Liquid Notes comes with a feature requested by many users of Ableton Live: an import function that combines several single-track MIDI files into a multi-track arrangement directly in Liquid Notes. It's very simple, just what you are used to from other features in Liquid Notes.

Best of all, this is not only restricted to users of Ableton Live. Anyone can use this feature to build a multi-track MIDI arrangement in Liquid Notes.

MIDI export in Ableton Live

We really like Ableton Live, and so do many of you. Unfortunately, Ableton Live does not support MIDI multi-channel export today. You can only export single tracks at present, which leaves you stranded when trying to make changes to your multi-track arrangement in Liquid Notes.

It simply won't work at all, or is a major pain to deal with using a third party software that allows you to combine those single-tracks again after you exported them from Ableton Live, just to import them in Liquid Notes again. Do this more than once and your motivation falls below zero.

Adding single-track combination in Liquid Notes

So, we set out to build our own solution and bring you an import function that enables you to combine several single-track MIDI files in Liquid Notes.

And it works really simple: first, you export each track of your arrangement from Ableton Live separately. Then you select all these single-track MIDI files and drag them all together at once onto the Liquid Notes window. Our automatic setup wizard will then pop up and provide you with information about your new multi-track arrangement.

This feature only works satisfactorily if your single-track arrangements are of same length and tempo, as otherwise Liquid Notes cannot combine them.

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