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Beta version of Spexx now features the final user interface layout

Next to having released I2C8 only a few days ago, work has proceeded swiftly on making further progress with Spexx. The audio effects plug-in has been updated now, featuring a major revamp of the user interface.

Read on to find out more.

Rapid prototyping vs. final layout

Up until version 0.5.1 (beta), Spexx was sporting a user interface that is a result of a rapid prototyping (or rapid application development) process. This means that only a provisional user interface is provided which enables operation of all main features but does not represent the final layout - this enables testing and feedback collection, and provides vital clues in how people use the software.

Having studied the feedback provided early in the product development process, we have scoured through numerous remarks and used those for designing of a final layout. This layout has now been incorporated in version 0.6.0 (beta) of Spexx, and is available for beta testers and pre-order customers as of now.

Customers have been informed about this update by means of an email notification. A link is included for the download of this latest beta version.

Within the next days, we will focus our efforts on finalizing the software up to a release-ready status, with delivery expected before Xmas (granted that no major showstoppers are identified in the testing of the software).

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