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Beat Lab Academy opens doors in Los Angeles, offers Ableton Live Certified courses

We had the pleasure to meet with Yeuda Ben-Atar, an Ableton Live Certified Trainer, some months ago in his neighborhood in L.A. This is when he told us about his plans to launch a new school of modern electronic music production.

Now he has pulled the curtains off his project, and we're glad to report that Beat Lab Academy is accepting the first batch of students.

A new model to teach music production

When we talked with Yeuda, he told us that he believes that the way electronic music production is taught at schools is outdated as it is done in a lecture format. This, according to him, resembles teaching a history class rather than providing a hands-on approach.

In a nutshell then, this is what he aims to do at Beat Lab Academy - hands-on learning and playing music together. He tops that with using custom hardware that enables the students to jam together in a live setting in class.

While this is may not be of exact relevance for users of Liquid Notes, we mention it nevertheless as Yeuda is a classically trained musician and also offers courses in that area. Head over to Beat Lab Academy to learn more.

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